A blog about my eternal quest to complete my collection of Andy Warhols record covers and dust jackets. Initially the blog focused on my hunt for the very rare cover to Ratfab’s 7″ – Det brinner en eld / Mörka ögon. A quest that came to an end in june 2013 when i finally got a hold of it. My collection is far from complete though, so the search for the rare covers goes on. I’ve been collecting the dust jackets since the end of 2013 and this has been, and still is a project on a somewhat tight budget. Even with that in mind it has proved to be both possible and affordable to get a hold of most of them with a little bit of work. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions or comments you can contact me at: ratfab@gmx.com

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am interested in knowing if you think “Keely Smith” I wish you love is an authentic A.W. I just bought a Canadian pressing at the Goodwill store today for $1.50 CDN and to my eye it looks real. I grew up with a “Count Basie” album cover in the house, not recognising it as Warhol, have no idea where that went.

    • Hi Kevin and thanks for your comment. I still have some doubts about this cover. I ain’t no expert on Warhols style but i’ve been trying to compare some of his drawings of hands on other covers, for example Progressive Piano and Piano Music by Mendelssohn and Liszt with the Keely Smith cover. And to me, something just doesn’t sit right. There is also the fact that the Smith album was released on Capitol and i’m not aware of any other covers by Warhol done for that label so i don’t know…

      But whatever the case you made a great deal, and i’d get busy looking around for that Basie album! 🙂

      But i’d also advice you ask two fellow collectors for their opinion, Frank at http://warholcovers.wordpress.com and Richard at http://recordart.wordpress.com, both a great source of information.

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