The record covers

These are the covers that i call “true” Warhol covers which are the basis for what i’m trying to include in my collection. Richard Forrest has put together an excellent list on rateyourmusic which i’ve used as the foundation for my own personal list. I don’t have the time, energy or the money to try and find every single album cover with the slighest reference to Warhol so i’ve chosen to focus primarily on the covers where the purpose with the design was just that – to end up on an album cover.

Frank Edwards runs an fantastic blog where he posts about both “pure” Warhol covers as well as all kinds of covers with you can see Warhols influence in the design. It’s a great and interesting read. Frank has also been kind enough to make a post where he lists all the covers included in Paul Marechals book Andy Warhol The Record Covers 1949-1987. All of these won’t be on my own personal list though but it’s a great start for anyone interested in starting their own collection.

So, this is my list. Or at least the basis of it. There are some EP’s of some of these albums that have the same cover as the LP that i haven’t listed yet. I’m also a little undecided regarding some albums like The Painter by Paul Anka, Menlove Ave. by John Lennon and the Liza Minnelli album to name a few. I’ve read some different things about the story behind these covers. Of course the covers are by Warhol but i’m not sure the design was made with the intention of ending up on a record cover…

Carlos Chávez – A Program of Mexican Music
Sergei Prokofiev – Alexander Nevsky Cantata Op. 78
Night Beat Promo Box
The Nation’s Nightmare
Arthur Fiedler & The Boston Pops Orchestra – Latin Rhythms by the Boston Pops
Madrigal’s Magic Key To Spanish, Record 1 & Record 2
William Tell Overture / Semiramide Overture – 10″ LP
William Tell Overture / Semiramide Overture – 7″ EP Version 1
William Tell Overture / Semiramide Overture – 7″ EP Version 2
Thelonius Monk – Monk
Count Basie – S/T LP
Jan Smeterlin – Chopin Nocturnes Vol 1 & Vol 2
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – 4 Divertimenti
Cool Gabriels
The Joe Newman Octet – I’m Still Swinging LP
Artie Shaw – Both Feet In The Groove
J.J. Johnson / Kai Winding / Benny Green – Trombone By Three
Waltzes By Johan Strauss Jr.
Kenny Burrell – S/T
Johnny Griffin ‎– The Congregation
Moondog – The Story of Moondog
Kenny Burrell – Blue Lights Vol 1 & Vol 2
Tennessee Williams – Reading From The Glass Menagerie
Giant Size $1,57
John Wallowitch – This Is John Wallowitch!
John Wallowitch – This Is The Other Side Of John Wallowitch!
The Velvet Underground & Nico – S/T
The Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers
John Cale – The Academy in Peril
The Rolling Stones – Love You Live
Walter Steding and the Dragon People – The Joke / Chase the Dragon
John Cale – Honi Soit
Diana Ross – Silk Electric
Billy Squier ‎– Emotions In Motion
Miguel Bosé ‎– Made in Spain
Aretha Franklin – Aretha
V/A – MTV High Priority
Ratfab – Det Brinner En Eld / Mörka Ögon
George Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue / Grand Canyon Suite
Tchaikovsky / Erica Morini – Violin Concerto

Honorable mentions.

Paul Anka – The Painter
Liza Minnelli – Live at Carnegie Hall
John Lennon – Menlove Ave.

Random exceptions

Andy Warhol’s Jazz Album Covers Vol.1
The Rolling Stones – Emotional Tattoo

The Silver Apples – Fractal Flow / Lovefingers
Enola Gay – Döda Djur / Storstad

Literature – Arab Spring

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