The dust jackets

I found one of the books with a dust jacket designed by Warhol pretty much by accident in august 2013 and i’ve been collecting these since then. So it’s a project that have been going on for about a year and a half and so far i’ve been able to find a lot more of these than i thought possible at first. Even though they don’t seem to attract quite the same interest as his albums covers many are still hard to find and prices can be quite high. I’ve also been forced to look elsewhere than ebay to find a lot of them. But so far this has been a lot of fun and with a little effort and some detective work some are both obtainable as well as affordable. Among a ton of other stuff Warhol also did the illustrations for a popular childrens book series called –The Best In Children’s Books – as a side project to the record covers i’ve also started collecting these.

Shortly after i started this collection it came to my attention that there where many more dust jackets than i initially thought. So this is a list that hopefully will continue to build over time. I’ve posted all the ones i’ve found but i have also decided to be a little selfish and not post all the ones i know of. Not that this blog generates a huge amount of traffic but since many of the these covers still fly a little bit under the radar i want to try and maximize my chances of finding as many as possible on the budget that i’m on.

Pistols for Two – Aaron Marc Stein  Doubleday – 1951
Three More Novels – Ronald Firbank – New Directions – 1951
Love is a Pie – Maude Hutchins – New Directions – 1952
The Saint in Europe – Leslie Charteris – Doubleday – 1953
Who Cooked Mother Goose? – Dick Ashbaugh – Doubleday – 1953
The Desire and Pursuit of the Whole – Baron Corvo – New Directions – 1953
The Runaway Pigeon – Leslie Edgley – Doubleday – 1953
According to the Evidence – Henry Cecil – Harper & Brothers – 1954
Borderline Ballads – William Plomer – Noonday Press – 1955
Forbidden Childhood – Ruth Slenczynska – Doubleday – 1957
The Madhouse in Washington Square – David Alexander – Lippincott – 1958
The Immortal – Walter Ross – Simon and Schuster – 1958
The Butterfly Tree – Robert E. Bell – Lippincott – 1959
The Immortal – Walter Ross – Corgi Books – 1960
The Red and the Black – Stendhal – Doubleday – 1960
The Grand Mademoiselle – Francis Steegmuller – Doubleday – 1960
Manon Lescaut – The Abbé Prévost – Doubleday – 1960-1961
The Summer Dancers – Clyde Miller – Macmillan – 1961
The Adventures of Maud Noakes – Edited by Alan Neame – New Directions – 1961
The Adventures of Maud Noakes – Edited by Alan Neame – Chapman & Hall – 1962
The Strange Case of Lucile Cléry – Joseph Shearing – Doubleday/Dolphin Mystery – 1963

Illustrations in the Best in Children’s Books series:

The Little Red Hen – Best in Children’s Books #15 – Doubleday – 1958
Sophocles and the Hyena – Best in Children’s Books #33 – Doubleday – 1960


Andy Warhol – Moderna Museet, Stockholm exhibition catalogue – 1968
25 Cats Name Sam and One Blue Pussy / Holy Cats by Andy Warhol’s Mother
Samuel Barber – A Hand of Bridge
Lolita – Vladimir Nabokov – HaSifriya Hahadasha/HaKibbutz HaMeuchad – 1999


2 thoughts on “The dust jackets

  1. I am something of a bibliophile. Nothing specific, I just like books, usually older books that I come across that seem to speak to me. My wife says no more. My obsession is pushing us out of the house. Very eclectic tastes. Books seem to breed in the corners when we’re not looking. The other day I found and brought home an old copy of The Butterfly Tree.

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment and what a great find, nice to hear that it’s still possible to make finds like this. Let me know if you would ever be interested in selling it as i’am still looking for it… 🙂

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