The Rolling Stones – Emotional Tattoo (Reissue)

This is the first of about four things that i decided to get for myself for christmas. I was going through some old posts and if you exclude The Joke / Chase The Dragon that i didn’t really find per se i haven’t gotten a record for almost six months, so it was about time. However, this particular record isn’t something to get all super excited about. As i’ve been forced to a couple of times in the past i’ve once again had to settle for something other than the original. But anyways, what better way to start the year than with some Rolling Stones…

This is hardly news to anyone that’s even slightly into all this but this is a later reissue of the very rare and highly sought after original bootleg on orange or black vinyl from 1983. To the best of my knowledge this hit the scene at the beginning of 2014. At the time the members of the WCCC seemed a bit perplexed not knowing what to make of it really, who, where, when and why? My first thoughts and feelings were those of, in lack of a better word, a scam of sorts or at least the work of a shyster. And those initial thoughts are still there, but obviously i gave in to temptation and caved in… As said the original has always made the boys with deep pockets come out to play and sometimes selling for more than $1000. When this reissue first appeared it was selling for upwards of $250 which given my thoughts about it naturally made me look the other way. As copies then stopped appearing on ebay i basically forgot about it until just a couple of months ago when Richard Forrest’s post about his copies made it come up for a bit of discussion in the WCCC and i was informed by Guy Minnebach that copies were now available for $40 or so, and there are still a number of copies in that region on discogs.

I know little about it other than the fact that it’s a german reissue and that it’s a limited and numbered edition of 350 copies. It’s available on green or black vinyl and i’ve put some time into trying to figure out if there are 350 copies of each color or if that number is for the total edition. This basically means contacting different sellers and asking if they know, which of course they don’t. My copy is number 217 and i decided to go with the colored green vinyl and it’s also still sealed. However, the seller has opened it a little bit to have a peak inside. This is most likely to see what color vinyl is inside which is strange because it also has an ugly green sticker on the plastic which to any non-genious would indicate this is a green version. Whatever the case it doesn’t lead me any closer to a guess about the total number of these, i’m leaning towards 350 copies in total but i don’t know… and it doesn’t really matter anyways. There are also a few small differences between this one and the original issue. I’ve never had my hands on the original so i can’t say anything about the general quality but Frank Edwards notes in his post that the cardboard is of much lesser quality, and i’ll take his word for it. But that aside, let start with the front. The cover image is much brighter, crisper and packs more of a punch than the original and it also has Warhol’s signature below the portrait. On to the back where there’s really only one big change – everyones favourite alien E.T has sadly been replaced by all ten of the portraits in the Mick Jagger series of screen prints.

And while on the topic of these prints, i think this series was done in 1975(?). I don’t know if this is true or not but on this page at The National Gallery of Australia it basically says that Warhol felt he wasn’t payed enough for his work on the cover to the highly successful Sticky Fingers album and thus decided to find other ways to cash in on his celebrity friendship with Mick Jagger. But from the funny letter sent by Jagger to Warhol discussing that cover i was under the impression that Warhol basically set his own salary for that work, so i don’t know… I quite like these portraits though and now and then you’ll see a set of all ten promotional cards made to advertise the upcoming portfolio of the silk screens, there’s one of these at Swedish auction site Bukowskis now for example as well as two seperate cards on Auctionet, here and here. Unfortunately prices for the full set are usually out of my comfort zone though…

It seems that Warhol + Jagger is somewhat of a favourite combination for covers to bootleg recordings of The Rolling Stones. Apart from what is now two editions of this album there’s also the very rare Mick Jagger in Japan that Frank Edwards dug up from god knows where a little over a year ago. This record has a different portrait on the cover and though not really a Rolling Stones bootleg i’ll still put them in the same pile for this. But that’s not all, just recently yet another record with a Mick Jagger portrait cover turned up on ebay. This one is called Lonely at the Top and uses the same portrait as the one for Emotional Tattoo. I think this one is also from Germany, on a label or whatever called CAT Records and limited and numbered to 55 copies. It’s been on ebay lately with outrageous starting bids but looking at popsike it seems it should be possible to find a copy for a lot less with a bit of patience.

So, that’s that. Even though the original release from 1983 in my opinion has more of a genuine or legit feel to it this will do nicely and i feel no shame in putting this down as the first addition to my collection of record covers of the year. Perhaps not a thrilling addition but i still quite like it. More things to come!

EmotionalTattoo1 EmotionalTattoo2

Artie Shaw – Both Feet in the Groove

When i started my collection some of my initial favourites were the covers that featured hands and instruments like Trombone by Three, Kenny Burrell Vol. 2 and of course Both Feet in the Groove. Unfortunately most of these are very rare and sell for very high prices at ebay and will probably always be out my reach. The one that is fairly obtainable though is this one, i’ve been biding on it many times but for various reasons i was never the lucky winner. Either i was changing diapers and forgot about the auction or the price just got to high in relation to the condition. But thanks to the WCCC i got a late christmas gift a few weeks ago.

Artie Shaw – Both Feet in the Groove (RCA Victor – LPM-1201)

Released in 1956 and as far as i know this is one of two releases with Artie Shaw that features Warhols work, the other one being Any Old Time released a few years later. Other than this LP release there are also several different EP’s with the same front design. I’m not entirely sure but i think there are three different EP releases. At least that’s what Richard Forrest has listed in his “walkthrough” of Warhol 7″s in this excellent post, and that’s where i usually go to find good information.

I think it was a few weeks or so before christmas that a guy listed a lot of rare covers on ebay. I can’t remember them all but among others were The Nation’s Nightmare, Cool Gabriels, Trombone by Three and Ultra Violet and he also listed a very nice copy of Both Feet in the Groove. A few times before when someone has listed similar items there has been some emailing within the WCCC, both to tip each other off and also to make sure that we don’t go up biding against each other. I mentioned that i was probably going to bid on the Artie Shaw album since i’ve been looking for it for a long time and that’s it’s a cover that i really like.

Fellow collector Kevin Kinney then advised me not to bid on it and told me he had at least five copies i believe which he picked up during the years at various record shops. I’m pretty jealous of him and sad that the number of actual (and good) shops close to where i live is basically zero, but that’s another story. Then, as icing on the cake, he offered to send me copy! I’ve said it before but the generosity, kindness and sense of team work within the WCCC is just unbelievable.

Kevin informed me that the cover wouldn’t be in top condition but that it would be presentable and that was a pretty accurate description. The cover has some issues like general discoloration, some broken seams and a bit of tape at the bottom but all in all it’s not to bad.

Thank so much for this Kevin, i really appreciate it!



An interesting swedish site…

I came across an interesting swedish site called The Sweedeedee Archives a few days ago. I haven’t really figured out if the guy is documenting his own personal collection or if it’s just basically a list of albums and covers that he likes.

However, a quick search for “warhol” gives some interesting results. Many of the gems are there, Ratfab, Trombone by Three, The Congregation, Monk and Moondog. I’ve tried to get in contact with him to get his asking price for the Ratfab and Trombone by Three records but so far no reply. He seems to have been active on ebay also so i doubt that i would get a bargain on these anyway. But it would be interesing to hear where he found them.

Arturo Toscanini & The NBC Symphony Orchestra – William Tell Overture / Semiramide Overture 7″ EP

This is the double 7″ gatefold EP of Gioachino Rossini’s William Tell Overture / Semiramide Overture and it has the same front cover as the the 10″ version that i already have. The design on the back cover is a bit different though. Initially i thought that with this one the set would now be complete. But i looked it up on Frank Edwards blog and also on Richard Forrests list on rateyourmusic and discovered that there is another 7″ version with the same catalogue number as this EP that i now need to try and find.

Arturo Toscanini & The NBC Symphony Orchestra – William Tell Overture / Semiramide Overture (RCA Victor – ERB-7054)

I picked this up from ebay about a month and a half ago and it arrived a few days ago. Shipping from the US is usually surprisingly quick so i was starting to think that this one had been lost somewhere. I’m happy it finally arrived though. At one point i thought these were quite rare but i know now that they aren’t THAT rare. Maybe a bit uncommon i guess… I haven’t seen to many copies of this particular EP lately though and i don’t know how to “rare rank” the three different variations of this recording. But seeing as i only payed $25 for it i would assume that this one is not highly sought after. There’s another copy on ebay right now in good condition listed at $55.

The cover is in very good condition with no big issues. The few flaws that it has are on the back cover – a little creasing and an old asking price written in red on the top right corner. Nothing major. I’m no expert on Warhols style but i would assume that he also did the small drawings on the back cover. I haven’t been able to find any information regarding this though so i don’t know for sure.

A very good looking cover, both front and back.

EDIT: I found the third and final version of this cover in the beginning of 2014. So now i finally have a complete set that can be seen here for anyone interested.


Giant Size $1,57 Each

So… it’s finally time to post these. I’m not going to try and give you the backstory to these covers as part of it seems to be quite the mystery. I’ll tell you the two things i do know for certain though. The first thing is that instead of bying an original and signed copy of this album you could buy a fairly decent car. And the other thing is that the 75 copies which were produced in 1963 for an exhibition called “Popular Images” at the Washington Gallery of Modern Art were all black on white. I have never seen an original and signed copy but i have seen an unsigned black on white copy that had the album to go with it (which i guess is a clear indication that it was made in 1963) sell for almost $3500 at swedish site Auktionsverket. Also, Billy Klüver grew up in Sweden. Who knows if he took some covers back with him here when he came to visit later in life. Maybe there are boxes and boxes hidden away in a storage room here somewhere, or maybe not… If you want more on the backstory of this cover i’ll direct you to two excellent posts on Richard Forrests blog here and here.

I actually got a new car this weekend so that completely wiped out the budget for an original copy. I guess i could still try and get one but then i would probably have to start living in the car since my girlfriend would kick me out. And it’s a small car too…. So, once again i’m very happy and thankful that Richard Forrest is quite an artsy craftsman. He told me a few months ago that he was planning to attend a silk screening course and then try and recreate the cover to Giant Size $1,57 Each.

And as with the Night Beat box the result is just stunning! All five color variations are represented and they all look truly amazing! It’s a great and charming detail that the positioning of the “logo” is different on all five covers, evidence of truly individual silk screening. Very impressive and inspiring work, as always! My favourites are probably the white and the green one, i usually like those color combinations.

Thank you so much (again) for these Richard! They are an amazing addition to my collection and i am pretty sure that i’m currently one of the very few who have individually handmade and silk screened copies of all five color variations. They are even signed! And there is no doubt about when either. I actually missed this when i recieved the covers but after a little help and some further investigation i found it, a very cool and funny detail!

Unlike the other mock-ups i have and where i’ve found the audio elsewhere this one might prove to be a bit of a challenge. Luckliy this is already somewhat solved, more on that later tonight…




Night Beat

The holy grail has been found, sort of… This is the All Lights Fucked on the Hairy Amp Drooling of Warhol covers – few were made, given to a selected few and no one knows how many survived. And i’ve been looking for that one for more than 10 years. Luckily this didn’t take me that long to find, or at least kind of find… From what i’ve learned from other collectors there is probably only one known copy of this and that’s the one in Paul Maréchal’s collection. Richard Forrest writes in this excellent post on the topic that he has learned that most radio stations that got a copy most likely threw them out once the episode was broadcast. So… it’s goes without saying that this is basically impossible to find.

The few who read this blog might recall the post on The Nation’s Nightmare and how lucky i was to have come to know Richard Forrest. And this hasn’t changed. A while ago he told me about his plans to create mock-ups of the Night Beat box and also how he planned to silkscreen Giant Size $1,57 Each covers. He also posted about it on his blog here and here, really great and inspiring reads. And yesterday i got to see the result when i picked up the package, and what a package! I’ll get to the five different variations of Giant Size $1,57 Each in a later post but the result is just stunning! Everything looks absolutely fantastic!

The original box consisted of 3 EPs and was released/sent out in 1949 to promote a radio show on NBC called Night Beat. It is of little importance but i think the catalogue number is NBC EO-CX-342. The series was broadcast between February 6, 1950 and September 25, 1952 and i think there were 77, 75 or maybe even 73 episodes made, depending on how you look at it. Naturally my box contained zero EP’s and zero episodes so as was the case with The Nation’s Nightmare i’ve had to look for the audio elsewhere. At first i turned to YouTube and found several episodes there. I also tried to contact all the people who put up the clips on YouTube to ask where they got them. Just on the odd chance that one of them would have the box and also be slow enough to be willing to sell it for $100 or so… I haven’t heard back from any of them yet and i most likely won’t do so either. So then i did some more digging and found a site called the Internet Archive. I haven’t had a chance to check it out too much but it has, what i assume are, all episodes ready to stream and/or download for free. The site has 77 episodes listed, the two first are listed with (Audition) after the title. I’m not sure what this means and there are also four episodes in the list marked with (Special rebroadcast), so this is why i’m a little uncertain as to the number of episodes in the series. I’ve already started to work my way through it as this kind of stuff is right up my alley. Love it!

But back to the beautiful box. It’s absolutely perfect down to the last detail, it even has the black and white dotted line around the edges that i have now learned was made to resemble the perforated border present on film. I was almost afraid to touch it at first and let alone open it. But when i finally did i noticed another great detail, the boxes are signed and numbered in an edition of 10 pieces.

I can’t ever thank you enough for this Richard, you’ve really given me some great additions to my collection. Thank you so much.

Billy Squier ‎– Emotions In Motion x 2

Probably my least favourite cover. It’s one of the most common and copies can be found on both ebay and discogs for $10-15. I don’t know quite what it is but i just find the design very boring and almost on the verge of lazy. I’ve even been a little hesitant to get a copy but it is a “real” Wahol cover and as such it does have a place in any collection.

 Billy Squier ‎– Emotions In Motion (Capitol Records – ST-12217)

With the lack of Boston Pops’s and Cool Gabriels on ebay it was almost pure boredom that finally made me get this about two weeks ago. I got it from ebay for a whole $7,50, and i was obviously bored enough to also pick up the single put up as a “DJ copy” for another staggering $5. The LP is sealed and apart from a few small bumps on two corners it’s in mint condition. The single is a litte more beaten up with a semi split seam and a little staining.

In an article in the Boston Globe Squier says he basically just called Warhol up and asked if he would design the cover, Warhol accepted and just asked what colors Squier didn’t like (obvously he likes all colors since the entire rainbow is present) and eventually – a boring cover was made.

There is one funny thing about this design though, even if it’s a bit of a sidenote. In the video to the song Rock Me Tonite from his forth album Signs of Life Squier wears a t-shirt with the design from Emotions in Motion. The video shows him waking up, dancing around while getting dressed and eventually putting on a pink tank top and performing with his band. The video is generally considered one of the worst ever made. In the book on MTV’s history – I want my MTV – it’s listed as the worst ever and there’s an entire chapter about the video.

Squier also credits the video with ruining his career. But who knows, it might as well have been the lazy cover.


And the single… it has the same catalogue number as the 7″ with Emotions in Motion and Catch 22 but this one has Emotions in Motion on both sides so i don’t know what’s up with that…

 Billy Squier – Emotions in Motion (Capitol Records – B-5135)


Ratfab on ebay again

It’s been there for a few days. And it’s not the first time either. I first saw this copy back in may and then it was listed at $1150 and this time it’s at $949. Judging from the pictures this is the best looking copy that i’ve seen so far.

It’s not a crazy asking price in my opinion but if you’re a seller i still don’t think that high “buy it now” prices is the way to go with these kinds of records. Just look at the copy of The Joke/Chase the Dragon or the Trombone by Three album which has been on ebay for as long as i can remember.

Everyone likes the illusion of having the chance to make a bargain on these rare finds. And when they do show up it’s highly unlikely that they fly under the radar so from a sellers point of view i think the risk of a steal is almost non-existent. So i don’t think it’s the last time we’ll see this particular copy listed.

Arturo Toscanini & The NBC Symphony Orchestra – William Tell Overture / Semiramide Overture 10″

I’m not exactly sure how to label this but i’ll go with conductor, orchestra and title. And i’m going to try and get the music right also. On one side there’s the William Tell Overture from the opera William Tell and on the other side there’s the Semiramide overture from the opera with the same name. Both composed by Gioachino Rossini.

This was released both as a 7″ and as a 10″ in 1954 and i think it was the first work Warhol did for RCA Victor. It’s also one of my favourite covers.

Arturo Toscanini & The NBC Symphony Orchestra – William Tell Overture / Semiramide Overture (RCA Victor – LRM-7054)

I got this from ebay about three years ago if i remember correctly. At the time i thought it was pretty uncommon and i was extremely happy to get it for something like $40. But i know now that it’s not rare, nor particularly uncommon. And for once there wasn’t anything wrong with the “bargain” when it arrived. It’s really in great condition, probably the best looking one of the “somewhat uncommon” covers in my collection so far. I haven’t followed this record on ebay lately so i don’t know what they sell for these days but i haven’t seen many that are in better condition than this one. I also don’t know which of the 7″ or 10″ versions that are considered most rare. So far i only have the 10″ version but a copy of the EP might be in a cargo room in an airplane somewhere over the atlantic at this very moment…

This is also the only package so far that got stuck and checked by the swedish customs, i think that cost me MORE than the record itself. So that was a bit of bummer… I also remember that is was sent in a big package rather than an LP mailer (i guess this is why it got checked) and that it was extremely well packaged. I like sellers that take the time to do that.

Great looking cover with Warhol’s take on a classic image!

The Nation’s Nightmare

This is my favourite cover of them all. It’s almost in a league of it’s own. It’s dark, it’s rough and fits the content perfectly. The drawings were made in 1951 to promote a documentary radio show on CBS called The Nation’s Nightmare, the work also made warhol win the Art Directors Club award a year later. To my understanding there were six episodes broadcast and two ended up being released on this album.

As far as i’m concerned this is one of the absolute rarest covers. It’s an extremely rare find on ebay and when it does pop up it sells for high, high prices with a record of almost $3500 a few years back and lately it’s been selling for $1000-1500. So, naturally this is a cover that i would have a hard time acquiring an original copy of.

So, it’s very lucky for me that i’ve come to get to know Richard Forrest. A couple of weeks ago he sent me quite a few new additions to my collection. As he has posted about here he initially planned to make copies of two other “impossible” covers – Waltzes by Johann Strauss Jr. and Progressive Piano. When he told me about his plans i asked him if there was any chance he would also create a mock-up copy of The Nation’s Nightmare for me. And he was very kind to do so. And he didn’t just send me one copy but two and this is the best looking one. And it really does look amazing! It might be odd to say that it is in perfect condition, but it almost kind of is. The fact that that you can see some creasing and marks in the image from Richards original copy just adds to the “real” feel of the cover and is very charming i think. I’ve already thanked you for these many times Richard, but thanks again!

I’ve also recieved the audio from Frank Edwards a week or so ago. The cover promises “a report of crime in America in 1951 – documented with tape recordings from back rooms and front offices of the underworld.” And it sure does deliver. I’m a documentary junkie, most of my days at work and in my headphones when i go to bed i listen to any random episode of the swedish radio P1, P3, P4 or BBC’s documentary series. So this is very much up my alley. And the 50’s talk and language is just the icing on the cake, a great, great listen! Thanks so much for the audio, Frank.

I think the album was released by a sister label to Columbia called Columbia Special Products, or just CSP for short, and the catalogue number is XTV 15692. On a side note, CSP also pressed another rare Warhol cover – Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish released by Doubleday. According to this site there were just short of 3000 copies made and interestingly it also has 1953 as the year of release instead of 1952.