The Boston Pops in Sweden

Here’s something you don’t see everyday… Latin Rhythms on swedish ebay – Tradera. It’s been a while but if my memory serves me right the only (apart from a number of Ratfabs of course) other really rare record i’ve seen in Sweden is Cool Gabriels. I don’t care THAT much anymore but that was the one i first bid on and won but where the reserve wasn’t met, then i posted about what i had done and when it was listed again someone else overbid me.

I guess this is either evidence of at least one more swedish Warhol covers collector or it’s just a lucky fan of The Boston Pops who realized he or she had something a bit more special. The buy it now price is at $250 give or take and there’s also a reserve price so chances of getting it for cheap are probably slim.

I will try and remember to keep an eye on it though…


1142 days…

Trying to grasp that it’s been well over three(!) years since i last posted anything here. And what’s really pathetic is that i have absolutely no excuse or explanation as to why it’s taken so long… But i guess that’s how it is sometimes – interests and priorities shift over time and i admit that i have quite an addictive personality in that i often dive head first in to new hobbies or interests only to lose interest completely, sometimes it can happen almost over night.

I wouldn’t say that’s entirely what happened in this case but i have definitely not kept myself up to speed in the last years, far from it. I think i was also a bit overly content with actually “finishing” something i.e. my book collection. The plan was to start fresh with the magazines but when i quickly realized that this would prove to be much more of a challenge i guess that added insult to injury. What’s REALLY sad in all this is that i’ve also been terrible at keeping in touch with everyone i’ve gotten to know and who helped me during what turned out to be quite the journey. And i hope it’s not over yet.

I’ll do my best to try and rectify the situation though. I’m happy to see that my WCCC friends Guy, Frank and Richard are still busy blogging. I have plenty to read and catch up on there… I’ve already read enough to understand that new discoveries are still being made, fantastic! And speaking of fantastic discoveries – Guy Minnebach reached out to me six months or so months ago and though it took me an embarrassingly long time to reply i eventually got around to it and have since learned that he has actually gotten his hands on the by all experts deemed totally unobtainable Night Beat. And if that alone didn’t completely blow my mind, at the saaaaame tiiiiime he also got a hold of the Voices and Events box discovered by Richard Forrest. Truly an amazing story and i’m so happy for him, both of these couldn’t have ended up at a better place.

I’m not really sure what i expect to post about going forward, i suppose the magazines will still be the object of the chase. But that will definitely be more of a slow and steady wins the race kind of thing… Before i retired i also planned on acquiring extra copies of all the books and to eventually be able to sell a complete collection. Most likely for close to nothing only to go into life long depression… Quite a few of these doubles i’ve yet to post about so i guess i have some kind of stock pile to work my way through. For example i have a copy of Who Cooked Mother Goose? which has been at Frank’s house for god knows how long, probably a few years… If he still has it you can expect to see it posted here sometime in 2023…

Nice to be back.