I’m still here!

Hard to believe it’s been six months to the day since my last post, but apparently that’s how it is. To those who missed me i can ease your worry and say that the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated… I’m still in this crazy game, and not only that but it’s with more enthusiasm than i’ve had in a while. I’ve also started working again after four months of paternity leave and that means i’ll finally have more time to blog!

What else… the summer has not really been all filled up with fun and games but instead quite the opposite. Our house was broken into, i’ve survived a complete renovation of our basement after which i now have a full understanding of people who say that these kinds of things have a tendency to end up in divorce. Luckily i’m not married, but there were more than a few occasions were i contemplated killing “the wife” and having her buried deep down somewhere under the new floor… Oh well, that’s another story and all is well that ends well i guess. And even though the burglar went though pretty much everything and left us with a really f:ed up mess he payed little attention to my Warhol books, and if you ask me that’s of course the most valuable thing in the house. I guess it’s a good thing the average crook don’t keep track of Warhol’s dust jackets…

I’ve got some pretty exciting (at least i think so) things coming up but it will have to wait until next week. I guess it’s no surprise that the focus is now on magazines and i’ve already made some pretty nice catches including one that’s REALLY cool! I’ve also been scammed for the first time on ebay, even though i got refunded it was still quite annoying. I’m also still on the case of completing a double set of the dust jackets and i’ve picked up a couple of more pieces to complete that puzzle. Record covers are a whole other story and to say that i’m not interested in those anymore would perhaps not be entirely accurate but… that’s almost how it is. As i’ve said many times before i’m at a point where most of the ones i’m missing are in the +$1000 category and that’s not going to happen, if i’m going to spend that i’d rather do so on magazines and books. Speaking of thousands of dollars, i was shocked and amazed to see a yellow MTV sell for that amount a couple of weeks, months or whatever it was ago. The last idiot definitely hasn’t been born yet.

That is all. As promised coolness will follow in the weeks to come, so stay tuned!



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