Two more pieces of pie…

In a way i use this blog as a way to archive not only my own collection but also various other cool and interesting things. Who knows when a link goes offline or some image just vanishes. Today i was looking at the lots from the A Taste of Spring auction on Christie’s from earlier this year and noticed something that i obviously didn’t see back then. And that something is yet another alternative cover for Love is a Pie by Maude Hutchins. At about the same time i wrote this post about two other of these alternative covers, and like one of those this “new” one is also complete in the sense that it features both the title and the name of the author. There are also some interesting writing on this one, since i haven’t read the book i have no idea if they relate to things from the book in some way. Guess i need to go and see what i can find.

I don’t understand how they calculate the estimate/value of these high-end Warhol’s but my layman’s analysis is this. If some part of the drawing is colored in any capacity, that adds a couple of thousands of dollars. But something i don’t understand i how a great little drawing can be priced at something like $2-3000 and then a polaroid of the pavement or of some dirt and flowers will run you twice as much… Very strange to me. Luckily i don’t have to worry about these things.



I also came across yet another image on the same theme from Artnet. The link is now dead and sadly i’ve been unable to find a higher resolution image of this one. It might be a stretch to call this an alternative cover, looks and feels more like a playful draft or a doodle kind of thing. I find it interesting that there are so many different cover ideas for this book. It’s also interesting that they are all very different, not only from each other, but also from what ended up being on the actual cover. I’m no artist but i guess it’s standard procedure to play around with different ideas in the beginning of a project, assignment or whatever, and it’s great that all of these were not discarded once the job was done.

EDIT: Thanks to Guy Minnebach for a higher resolution image of the second cover idea.



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