Books, books and more books on ebay

For more than two years i’ve not seen more than a handful of Warhol’s dust jackets on ebay. But for a couple of months now things have been the direct opposite and now you see them left, right, up and down and all over the place. Pretty much every rare title has been listed lately and currently you’ll find nice looking copies of The Desire and Pursuit of the Whole, Three More Novels, Love is a Pie, The Madhouse in Washington Square, According to the Evidence, Borderline Ballads, Who Cooked Mother Goose?, The Runaway Pigeon and finally The Saint in Europe. They are all sold by the same guy and i can’t say that i know him but we’ve emailed a little bit and apparently he is the guy who discovered the most recent Warhol record cover Melodic Magic. I believe he also had one of those up for sale not that long ago but surprisingly it didn’t sell.

Personally i would never list all these at the same time and also having them end at the same time, but to each his own, i suppose. Let’s say this had happened about a year ago then i would have been torn between excitement and frustration when seeing all these great books on there and having to choose which one, or at the very best, two copies i might be able to get. At this moment there is one guy who has placed bids on most of them, and he has also gotten at least one other book in the past. I don’t have an opinion on the bids and prices but i’ll at least say that i’m a little bit surprised to see The Madhouse in Washington Square and The Saint in Europe getting bids right away. Granted everyone might not have the same amount of patience that i do but i would imagine that at least The Saint in Europe would be possible to find at a bargain price. And considering i payed 40 cents for one of my copies of The Madhouse in Washington Square it’s pretty fun to see it sell for at least $300…

I’m more than pleased with the condition of all my books but if i had to upgrade any of them i guess Borderline Ballads would be first in line as mine has a little tear and a piece missing. It doesn’t really affect the drawing though so i’m not in a panic to do so. And even though the copy on ebay looks pretty good i won’t be going to war over that one. Anwyays, it’s great to see the books are starting to show their faces and that they are also generating some interest and bidding, even if it just from one guy so far. Most of the books not listed lately and that would be needed to complete a collection should be possible to find without it taking forever and ever. So personally i would have loved to see these sold as an entire/complete collection. But i guess i have to work that out myself one day…


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