More alternative covers and more from Warhol by the Book

I didn’t get my long awaited book yesterday, seems the post office and/or delivery people are now sending out messages that you have something to collect the day AFTER you get the actual notice. Oh well, good things come to those who wait i guess…

Besides waiting on that package i’ve been reading each and every review i can find on the Warhol by the Book exhibition. And it’s really great to see that it’s getting nothing but praise everywhere. Time really does fly because apparently it’s been at least five months since i last checked out the site for the exhibition. The reason i know it’s been at least that long is that they now have a bunch of videos on the site that i haven’t seen before and one was added way back in may, at least on YouTube. Embarrassing to miss such a thing for so long… Anyways, i haven’t checked them out yet but there seems to be at least five or so hours of Warhol and book talk. I only recognize the names of two people though and that’s Matt Wrbican and Kathryn Price, who was kind enough to send me some stuff when the show opened. I’m sure the others know what they are talking about as well so it will be great to spend the weekend listening to what they have to say.

I also stumbled upon a review of the exhibition on this blog covering art, history, culture and what not in and around Pittsburgh. What’s interesting is not what they had to say about the show itself but instead some of the photos. Among some more familiar ones there were two i had not seen before, and those were of alternative covers for According to the Evidence and Borderline Ballads, both complete with title and the name of the author. I’ve seen a couple of other of these alternative covers for books like Pistols for Two, The Runaway Pigeon and Love is a Pie and it’s always interesting to see the changes going from a draft or whatever to a finished design.

Both of these are pretty cool, but i still prefer the ones that ended up being on the actual books. Stuff like this helps with the depression caused by most likely never being able to see the exhibition…

according-to-the-evidence-alternative-cover borderline-ballads-alternative-cover

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