A perfect storm!

I blame my terrible lack of posting to the realization that living in a house as opposed to an apartment results in a lot less spare time. And a lot more hard work and evenings and weekends filled with busting down walls, diggning, building fences, planting hedges and god knows what else. I can’t say that we are anywhere near finished but we are at least done with the two initial “big” projects and things are finally back to a more normal state. Anyways, not that there is anything wrong with writing about gardening or building work but let’s get down to what this blog is supposed to be about and my oh my… The last couple of weeks have been some of the most exciting and eventful since i started this whole thing. In a way i’m still trying to take it all in and especially trying to come down and get my heart rate back to normal after the events of last night…

I’ll get to everything in the weeks to come but in short it’s been an incredible run of good fortune combined with finally, FINALLY having something i’ve worked hard on come to fruition. And by working hard i mean sending an email every every six of twelve months and hoping for the best. I’ve had a couple of things or “projects” that have seemed promising at first but then always resulting in nothing in the end. I’ve been in contact with the guys from Ratfab trying to score anything related to the record, a guy in a band who supposedly were good friends with Keely Smith trying to find out if she remembered anything about the cover for I Wish You Love, and then the whole thing with the massive chase for The Butterfly Tree. And sadly nothing ever came of any of this, luckily i’m not an easy quitter. I don’t want to give anything away just yet but a clue would that it’s a small, but still “huge” thing. And this time around it’s complete…

And about last night, i’ve learned from previous mistakes and even though i didn’t have to get up in the middle of the night i still set three alarm clocks this time. And as i’m apparently still exhausted from said yardwork and fell asleep early it turns out this was a winning strategy. And the result? Well, in this case a clue would be that i feel a little bit like Nostradamus as a prophecy i made about a month ago turned out to come true. I’m also extremely happy and relieved that i don’t have to see any more of these My Little Pony’s namned Sky Dancers on ebay anymore. I’ve really come to hate this particular little horse with a great and very intense passion.

Cool things are coming up, so stay tuned! And oh yeah… Death to all Sky Dancers with Summer wings!


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