It was the third of September, that day I’ll always remember…

Well, not really. Wish i could say that i made some spectacular find today but sadly i have not, at least not yet. For some reason i had the feeling that things have been soooooo slow lately and that i need to get a move on. But then i realized that’s not really true, i’m still waiting on a lot of cool stuff to arrive from across the pond. There is just one more thing that i’m hoping to include but we’ll see what happens… I’m also waiting on another pretty good find at Tradera that i’m hoping will arrive today as well as a recommendation of a book on Andy Warhol from Guy Minnebach, so yeah… things are not as slow as they seem.

A couple of days ago i also picked up my copy of Andy Warhol: Polaroids 1958-1987, apparently it was already available in europe. I’ve been busy with busting down walls in the new house and also doing some gardening or whatever in order to prepare for the planting of a new hedge so i haven’t had time to really sit down with it, but it looks great. Great and heavy. And by heavy i mean heavy enough to kill a man with one blow. The only annoying thing is that the cover folds out in a way that makes it hard to read the book without occupying an entire table or couch.

For a long time i’ve been planning to try and put together some kind of list of my opinion on the rarity of the dust jackets, and i’m still working on that. I also got a little unexpected help with this but more on that later when i actually get to it. As a part of this i’ve also tried to contact all of the publishers hoping to find someone who could help provide numbers on how many books were printed. I first did this a long time ago and last week i went through the list for a second time, so far not a single reply… But they should be able to provide this information should they just care enough, so i’ll keep asking until i hear back.

I’ve also been doing some foreign diplomacy which after much ado turned out to be successful and the result of that should be shipping this week hopefully. It’s nothing that will “break the internet” but it’s still pretty cool in a way.

Last but not least i’ve also taken on the crazy, incredibly time-consuming and in all likelihood the total waste-of-time-task of emailing used book stores. A lot of used book stores. The book i’m looking for is set in the south so i figured i might as well start there and so far i’ve gone over Alabama och Georgia and probably sent well over 100 emails, have only heard back from two so far… I think the publisher (which is now mostly defunct) had their headquarters in New York City so that might be my next stop, should only be a cuple of thousands of stores there… I don’t mind spending time on things like this though, makes you feel like you are doing something about it and not just checking Amazon every ten minutes or so hoping for the best. It also helps to pass time at work… but yeah, most likely what will happen is that i’ll send out +500 emails and shortly after that the book will just appear in my wish list.

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