A summer summary…

Things are usually slow on ebay during the summer so it’s nice, and probably also quite healthy, to be able to put all of the manic updating aside for a couple of months. We’ve also been pretty busy moving to a new place so even if there was something exciting on there i probably would have missed it anyway. That said it still seems that something “big” always happens during the summer months. Two years ago i finally got a hold of the Ratfab record and it was also at that time that i started my book collection, and last year i got a hold of a copy of the Latin Rhythms Boston Pops cover and one or two hard to find books. And this summer was no exception.

Most exciting? Well, i finally put on a pair of pants with really deep pockets and got one of the two books needed to make my collection complete. I’m still waiting on this to be delivered to it’s first location though so i haven’t  gotten my hands on it yet but judging from the images i think it looks pretty good. Can’t wait to see it up close!


And there are more books… First i decided to take a chance on a copy of The Adventures of Maud Noakes which supposedly is the edition published by New Directions. I’ve seen it in my list on Amazon for a very long time but the seller is this annoying place called Betterworldbooks. I’ve been in contact with them a couple of times before and they always refuse to provide images of the books claiming they have such an incredibly massive stock that it’s “impossible” to do so. I don’t know if it’s this place, but if so then granted they have a lot of books but to say it’s impossible, i don’t know…. It seems they are partly doing the whole thing for a good cause though. Anyways, the only advice or information i could get from them was some kind of general rule that if a book was listed as “very good” and originally came with a dust jacket, then it was now also sold with the dust jacket. At least most of the time…. This particular copy happened to be listed as “very good” and started out been priced high enough that i didn’t want to take a chance at it. It has then gradually been marked down or whatever and now being priced at a bargain $9 i figurered i might as well have a look at it. Still waiting on this to be delivered also, so can’t say if i should feel stupid or lucky yet.

Then just a couple of days ago i jumped on another copy of The Strange Case of Lucile Cléry that popped up on Amazon priced at a mere $30. Not quite the bargain i got the first time around and it looked to be in similar condition, so… still a good enough deal to pass on. Maybe somewhere down the line someone willing to make a nice trade will come along.

It’s not all about books though. I’ve also gotten a couple of records among which there is at least one that i pretty excited about. But as with the rest of all this stuff i don’t have my hands on it yet…

More things to come shortly i hope!



2 thoughts on “A summer summary…

  1. So glad to learn you finally have finished your quest! I suspect your collection is only going to increase in value.

    A few months ago you sent me a copy of the letter Harper Lee sent to Bob Bell but I’m not sure I saved it to the right database. I’d appreciate it if you could tell me where to find it (and maybe others of her letters) on the Internet. I’ve read her book GO SET A WATCHMAN and gotten very interested in Harper Lee. She is known to have written wonderful letters and I’m reading all I can about her.

    It’s been fun being associated with you. I wish I could have been more help in finding original first editions of Bob Bell’s book, but let’s keep in touch in case some other project comes up we might both be involved in.

    Mary Lois

  2. Hi Mary Lois, thanks for your comment! And you have done more than enough, thank you so much for all your help, time and effort! I’ll dig up that link and send you and email as soon as possible!

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