We’re slowly moving towards the half-time break of 2015 and i was looking back on what’s happened so far. And there has been a couple of cool things that have gone down with the exhibition Warhol by the Book being the real highlight so far. The dawn of Guy Minnebach’s blog is another great thing. But on a personal level it’s been a pretty weak five or so couple of months. When it comes to records there’s been the not-so-great jazz covers box, the decent E.T reissue and the yellow version of High Priority, which i guess will have to be seen as the gem in that sorry looking bunch of covers even though i don’t really see it that way myself. When it comes to books things have been a little more exciting but the only thing i’ve gotten my hands on so far is the pocket edition of The Immortal and even though not really a dust jacket i was still happy to get a hold of the Moderna Museet catalogue. But the stuff i’m most excited about and the REALLY cool things have been “stuck” on the other side of a big ocean. The reason i’ve kept all of these goodies there for so long is that i’ve been trying to work out a deal for one of the last books that i’m missing but i guess you might say that the negotiations have fallen through. I was also beginning to get some itchy fingers wanting to post something new, so early last week the package set sail and since two of the books were pretty freaking awsome finds i decided to go with registered shipping or whatever so i’ve been able to track it. And it seems that during the weekend it made a stop in Stockholm and should thus be in my hands very shortly, maybe even today!

Stay tuned for what’s inside!


2 thoughts on “Incoming!

  1. You know you can usually track a package on the receiving country’s postal web page with the US custom number.

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