V/A – MTV High Priority (Yellow version)

Hate it.
Found it.
Gave it away.
Saw it sell for almost $500.
Felt like an idiot.
Found it again.
Still hate it.

Well, that about sums it up. I have already posted about my previous copy here and also this “new” copy that i recently found here. I won’t go over the small differences in coloring and things like that again so i don’t really know what there is to add…

I’ll say this though, even though this cover is far from a personal favourite i can’t deny that i am pretty happy and also somewhat relieved that i was able to find another copy. I don’t really follow the prices of a lot of the covers on popsike anymore but at the same time it’s also hard NOT to keep track since i spend a lot of time on ebay. And though there is definitely not any kind of business aspect to my collecting there’s always the nice feeling that comes with not having to pay top dollar for each any every cover. It’s also great to get some kind of confirmation that persistence and dedication or whatever can still pay off. Gives me hope that some day i’ll find that copy of Blue Lights or Trombone by Three that no one else has noticed.

Guess i have to say something about the condition and all in all it’s pretty good, quite similar to the other one i had. There is one “new” thing i noticed though – there is no bar code on the back of the yellow version. I have no idea why this is, maybe these were giveaways or something like that? I don’t really care enough to try and speculate further, just found it a bit strange. And considering how the cover looks and what kind of record it is it pains me a little to have to admit that these yellow ones do appear to be quite rare and (now that awareness has been raised a little bit) pretty damn expensive. But give me a choice between this cover, Cool Gabriels, Nocturnes or even a beat up copy of Madrigal or VU and it would be an easy choice, for me at least.

Anywhoooo… i’m happy i found it and i’ll enjoy putting it away and never look at it again.


7 thoughts on “V/A – MTV High Priority (Yellow version)

  1. Congratulations, Niklas. Glad it arrived safe and sound. I hadn’t noticed the missing barcode on the yellow version – could this mean that the yellow one is a promo, or as you put it “a give away”?

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  4. My copy of this was sealed. I still opened it to frame it. Probably a bad choice now that I think of it. Although it was just the standard version.

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