A blog, a drawing and the secret book…

Just a couple of things. First off i want to give a plug for Guy Minnebach’s recently started blog – AndyEarhole. Out of all the members in the WCCC i think that Guy is the one that i have pestered the most with questions and he has always taked the time to reply and sometimes i get the feeling that he knows basically everything there is to know about our favourite subject. I’ve also gotten to see glimpses of what’s in his collection and he has some really cool and rare stuff. So this will most definitely be a blog to follow!

And my oh my, the fiddler on the roof got it right. If i were a rich man… Well, since i am not i don’t really keep a close eye on auctions at Christie’s and other high profile auction sites but sometimes i’ll have a quick look just to see what i can’t get. And one of those things is this drawing called Woman on Horseback. It’s not the exact drawing that’s on the cover to Borderline Ballads but it’s pretty close. I would LOVE to someday get a hold of a drawing like this that ended up as a dust jacket and even though $4000 or thereabouts is of course a hell of a lot of money it’s also not $40 000, so it might actually be possible someday. But not today.


And to sum things up. I’ve been away visiting friends and family during easter and have not been checking what’s on ebay or Amazon for a couple of days. But last night things were back to normal and i had a look and i was almost shocked to see what was now in my wish list on Amazon. For the first time ever i got to see a listing for the book that Guy Minnebach found during the previous year. There is no mention of this book anywhere in the articles on the subject and i have spent a crazy amount of time looking for it. This is also the one that i’ve kept “secret” on this blog as well. I know that it is on display at the current Warhol by the Book exhibition but so far no other copies have appeared online. The seller didn’t have any images to show so i’ll have to wait and see how it looks, from the description it sounded a bit beaten up. But as long as it’s in once piece i can live with whatever other issues and problems there might be.

To say that i’m excited about this would be a real understatement. Call me crazy but i am still convinced that if i continue to put in the time and effort i will be able to find all of the 19 known dust jackets. But up until now this was the book that i thought would be impossible to find and that it would prove to be the forever existing big and annoying black hole in my collection. Very happy to see that i was wrong. It will have to stay secret for a while longer though, but good things to those who wait…

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