Warhol by the Book, interview with Matt Wrbican

I keep looking around for news and stuff like that about the current exhibition Warhol by the Book at Williams College Museum of Art in Williamstown. Maybe i’m looking in all the wrong places but i’ve not found a HUGE amount of buzz about it so far, but things are just getting started… I did however find a very interesting interview with Matt Wrbican done by a radio station namned WAMC, i think….?

Anyways, the interview is almost half an hour long and since i won’t be able to see the actual exhibition this was a really great listen and with Matt’s enthusiasm and detailed descriptions about it all it almost made me feel like i was there checking it out. When it comes to the dust jackets and book covers he mentions there are 19 known books and that there are probably others that we don’t know of yet. So that’s good news for my goose hunting that even he thinks there might be more… Among all the great stuff he talks about he mentions the design for Pistols for Two which was Warhol’s first dust jacket as a professional and that they have five drawings in the exhibition that relate to that design, as i understand it going through all the steps from draft to finished design, or something like that… He also mentions the misspelling of his name on some covers and of course A LOT of other cool stuff.

Check out the interview here, well worth a listen!


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