Alternative covers for Love is a Pie?

I’m far from an expert on Warhol, especially not when it comes to what went on in the pre-pop days. But i’m trying to learn. I do prefer his early work and as said i’m trying to read up on it. I’m waiting for the book From Silverpoint to Silver Screen that i’ve been told by Guy Minnebach is a fantastic source for these old drawings from the 50’s, so that will be interesting to have a look at eventually. I’m also not really THAT into art in general. So every now and then i come across things that are news to me but that have most likely been collecting dust in others peoples heads for a long time or been featured in some exhibition years ago. And that is what happened last night. I came across some images from an exhibition called Andy Warhol 1950s Drawings that was held at the Anton Kern Gallery in New York at the end of last year. I would assume most, if not all, of the drawings on display are in the previously mentioned book and if so they have also been in at least two previous exhibitions that i know of, one at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark and one at the Teylers Museum in The Netherlands.

And i’m not totally ignorant when it comes to all this, i had seen a couple of the drawings before but i did notice one that i had not seen. And that one was pretty interesting. It appears to be an alternative cover to LovLove-Is-A-Pie-Alternative-Warhol-1e is a Pie by Maude Hutchins and even though both the title and the name of the author has beed crossed over it still looks like a somewhat finished draft.  A bit rough around the edges maybe but still, pretty interesting! As said i’m no expert but it’s interesting that this is not really in the same style or whatever as the drawing that ended up on the cover. This is more of a “boston pops style face” to me whereas the end result has the featureless face thing going on similar to the one on The Runaway Pigeon.

Anywhoooo… This “incredible” find prompted me to start looking for more. Even though i have come across some other drawings that appear to be alternative covers for Pistols for Two and The Runaway Pigeon i never really though about that there might be more for other books. But apparently there are. And eventually i found yet another drawing on the “love is a pie theme” that was up for auction at Christie’s. I haven’t figured out when this was or if it sold but that doesn’t really matter. Unlike the first drawing this does not feel as finished to me, not only because the authors name is missing but i don’t know… it feels to messy too be something Love-Is-A-Pie-Alternative-Warhol-2other than an early draft or whatever. With a good imagination i guess one might consider the space between the two jokers or whatever they are to make out the shape of a heart, but i don’t know… might just be a coincidence.

Call me ignorant or uninformed but “finding” these was pretty cool! And since things have been slow on both ebay and Amazon lately these “new” finds should keep me busy for a while looking for more of these alternative covers…



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