Uncle Andy: The Andy Warhol Family Film

Not much is happening with books or records lately but there are some other exciting things up ahead. I’ve already mentioned the upcoming exhibition Warhol by the Book that will open in just over a week and which i’m really looking forward to. There is not much news to be found about this but hopefully more will come once it gets going…

Also happening next week is the start of a pretty cool Kickstarter campaign for a documentary film about Andy Warhol by his great-niece Abby Warhola and her husband/partner or whatever. I guess the working title is “Uncle Andy” and apparently they have been interviewing family members for the past eight years and among all this are more than ten hours of interviews with older brother Paul Warhola who passed away last year. It looks like a pretty interesting project with untold family stories¬†spiked with a bit of Pittsburg style Americana. The project will go live on Kickstarter next tuesday and there are not really any super exciting rewards, t-shirts, digital downloads and the usual stuff… I’m still planning on backing it though and will probably go for the $50 reward with a digital download of the film together with some postcards of paintings and photographs…

Short and sweet.

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