Speak of the devil…

Let’s see now, not even 48 hours passed since i “complained” about not wanting to cough up $125 or so for Forbidden Childhood until something new was in my wish list on Amazon. And this new thing was a copy of that particular book for an incredible $5(!). As always i tried to keep my cool though and not just go nuts and click on everyting all at once. The discription also made me a bit hesitant, even by my standards the following sounded anything but good. And i quote: “Ex library, taped on jacket protector (with consequent tape residue), call# on jacket (not on book), stamps on top edge and title page, card pocket in rear, taped hinges, broken spine, first 98 page section has separated from spine, needs glue repair, otherwise unmarked an clean”. To me this sounded like i would basically get a package full of loose pages, a LEGO style spine to put together and a jacket with tape all over the place. So i didn’t get overly excited and waited for images from the seller. And i just got them. And i must say this was one cautious seller. At least when it comes to the discription of the jacket which natually is the thing i’m most concerned about. This looks fantastic by my standards! It actually looks a lot better than some of the +$125 copies that i’ve tried to haggle for, wow. I did get some other images as well and granted what’s behind the cover is pretty beat up, but who cares about that part?

It will however have to make a stop at what i like to call my personal US mailman before i can get my hands on it. What’s up with sellers on Amazon refusing overseas shipping? Maybe one day i’ll understand that… Whatever the case this was a pretty damn great find if i may say so! And seeing how smooth and quick things moved along in this area during the previous year i thought i would enter a status quo kind of thing now. But it’s only february and i’ve already been able to add two books to my collection, never thought that would happen.

Slow and steady wins the race…


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