Swing and a miss…

During slow days at work i usually try and squeeze in a hour or so of image searching. I’m starting to get a little sick of it but i’m going to try and stick with it… Books is the main focus of this and still primarily titles plublished by Doubleday. This week i’ve been looking at Anchor Books which is another imprint under Doubleday and on which The Grand Mademoiselle was published. Where there’s one there might be more, right?

Unfortunately and Lovingof course not unexpectedly i haven’t been able to find anything so far. I did find one book called Loving A Novel written by Henry Green that was published in 1953 that for some reason had somewhat of a Warhol feel to me. At least judging from what was a thumbnail at first and mayby because i was tired of staring at images and convinced myself it was worth a look. But at a first glance i thought about the drawings on Rhapsody in Blue / Grand Canyon Suite and Porgy and Bess and… well, i don’t know. The cover is by a guy namned Edward Gorey so move along, nothing to see here… And that’s pretty much all i could find when it comes to Anchor Books, at least so far.
I did however find another book that i thought had some pretty obvious references to another of Warhol’s dust jacket. The book is called The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death and written by Charlie Huston and i think it was published in 2009 so it didn’t get my attention as a possible Warhol. But the yellow featureless figure with red typography on a black and white background very much resembles the jacket to The Runaway Pigeon. It might just be coincidence of course but i still thought it was pretty neat.

Sierra Exif JPEG

It’s not all about books though and for a moment i thought that i might have found a record. I was looking for covers to old albums with classical music on the RCA Victor label and noticed a small thumbnail of this album called The Classical Flute. It didn’t really get my heartbeat racing but any “line type” kind of drawing might be worth a closer look. It also has the familar collage thing with a drawing and a photo going on…It is however signed by someone and it’s obviously not Warhol.

I’m not at all done with this quest though, i’ll stick with it and one day…


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