Highs and lows of 2014

Out with the old and in with the new, isn’t that what they say? Anyways, as is common practice it’s time to close the books and try and sum up the previous year. I was looking back at the last time i did this and then i had highlights such as finding the Ratfab single and the Giant Size $1,57 Each booklet and at that time i thought that anything during 2014 would have a hard time coming close to this. But i think it’s safe to say that not only did the previous year come close, it actually surpassed 2013 and went straight to number one, with a bullet…

I’ll start with the lows though, just to get those out of the way and move on to more fun things. And there is really only one things that bugs me, and i have already cried, complained and moaned about this many times before so i’m not going to continue to dwell on it. But every time i see a copy of Cool Gabriels on ebay for +$500 i’m reminded of the time i didn’t push my bid just a little bit more the first time it was on that Auctionet site, so incredibly stupid! I have however placed an order with the WCCC’s most prolific “counterfeiter” Richard Forrest, so maybe Cool Gabriels will be among the highlights of next years summary instead… So, that’s that about the lows. On to greater and more positive things!

The biggest and most exciting thing of the previous year does not really involve me directly. For a couple of years i’ve been reading Frank Edwards excellent blog and looking in awe on both covers that will perhaps forever be out of my reach, like Trombone by Three, Waltzes and 4 Divertimenti just to name a few as well as a ton of other covers either influenced by Warhol of with references to his work. I can’t remember when i first heard the news that all this incredible amount of time and work tracking all these covers down might result in an exhibition but whatever the case it finally came true this previous summer. The exhibition Warhol On Vinyl: The Record Covers, 1949-1987+ is on display at the Cranbrook Art Museum in Michigan for another three months, so anybody that stumbles upon my blog and happens to live in the area should definitely not miss the opportunity to go see it!


When it comes to my own collection a lot of things happened as well. Even if my book collection “officially” started during 2013 and though i was able to find a couple of books during the end of that year with Borderline Ballads and Love is a Pie being the best finds it was during the previous year that it all really took off. As i’ve said before i’ve had a lot of fun tracking down these books and things have really moved along at a much faster pace than i could ever have hoped for. What initially was a small pile on a desk has now evolved into half a shelf by my bed and it certainly wasn’t easy picking out the highlights of the year from what has now become almost a small library. But if i had to pick three (because things look good in threes) it will probably have to be Pistols For Two, According to the Evidence and The Runaway Pigeon. So, why these three? Well, besides the fact that they are all really great looking dust jackets it’s mainly because two of them (if not all three) are in my opinion among the most rare ones. As i’ve gotten more and more into this area of Warhol’s work it has also become clear that these are incredibly hard to find and two of them i have not really seen anywhere. I can’t take full credit for finding them either since they were part of the very genrous trade i made with Guy Minnebach. The one out of the bunch that i did find myself (Pistols For Two) was also found under such wierd and funny circumstances which in itself would justify a place among the highlights of the year. That it happens to be one of my favourite dust jackets just adds to it all. Other honorable mentions would be The Desire and Pursuit of the Whole, Who Cooked Mother Goose? and The Madhouse in Washington Square. All of these also appear tricky to find but you can’t have everything in your highlight reel now can you?


Sadly it’s been a pretty slow year when it comes to record covers. Mainly because i’ve come to a point where i’m really only looking for the really rare and expensive covers. I did however find one of these during the summer. Ever since i started collecting the record covers Latin Rhythms by the Boston Pops has been one of my absolute favorites. After letting a couple of them go because i was hung up on a price tag at around $100 i finally decided that i was not going to let this one slip. Even though everything was set for another failure when i fell asleep after setting the alarm to be ready for the end of the auction it all worked out in the end, maybe most of the internets ebayers was on vacation… Since i don’t have too many of these a bit rarer record covers it was a great feeling at the time to finally get my hands of it. The only other thing that raised my heart rate a little bit last year when it comes to record covers was also something i can’t take any credit for really. Again, thanks to the very generous trade i did with Guy Minnebach i got to add another of my personal top five covers to my collection – The Joke / Chase The Dragon by Walter Steading and the Dragon People. So, even if there is no way getting around the fact that 2014 was more about books and dust jackets than record covers i did get to add two covers that i was starting to think i might never find. Honorable mentions in this area might be A Program of Mexican Music (which i don’t really care for other than that it’s Warhol’s first cover) and Both Feet in the Groove. The latter, although it might not be super rare, is also a cover that i really enjoy. It’s also a good example of what the WCCC adds to all this when it comes to keeping the motivation high and the fun in it at times when all that’s on ebay is Ultra Violets and things like that for thousands of dollars. I very generously got this copy free of charge from fellow collector Kevin Kinney and he, and everyone else has been of great help and support all throughout the year!

With hopes of an equally fun and exciting 2015!


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