Judging a book by it’s jacket

A nice title to a post, but it’s not really mine… While looking around for the books that i still miss in my collection i sometimes end up finding some other interesting stuff instead. Like this article from a publication called The Flyleaf – some kind of quarterly published magazine/leaflet thing by “The Friends of Fondren Library” at Rice University in Houston.

The first article is written by a guy called Randy Tibbits and it’s titled Judging a book by it’s jacket. It’s basically a story about his hobby of collecting dust jackets and how it all started when he stumbled upon a copy of The Madhouse in Washington Square at some kind of duplication sale thing at a library and picked it up for a dollar. He also mentions that Warhol did another eight dust jackets and that he has been able to find all but one of these in the ten years he’s been collecting them. So, since this article was published in 1990 a fair guess is that he started collecting them in the early eighties. And even though it’s now known that Warhol did a lot more than just nine dust jackets i must say it’s impressive he found that many in the days before the internet… I wonder how he did it? And also which these eight ones he found were?

I’ve only been at it for a little over a year so this also gives me some hope that my collection might actually be complete someday… Just need to try and stay persistent. It’s also been a while since i stalked someone and i eventually found the guy on Linkedin. And because of this i actually went against all my principles and signed up on that site and sent him a message, at least i think i did… Just on the off chance that he has a couple of spare copies somewhere…

2 thoughts on “Judging a book by it’s jacket

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