No regrets…

Well, that’s not entirely true… After losing an auction for Chopin’s Nocturnes a couple of days ago i started thinking about other lost chances and opportunities. I couldn’t really think of that many though, but of course a few things came to mind. My biggest mistake is without a doubt this post that i made back in april. In my opinion the cover to Cool Gabriels is one of Warhol’s best looking covers and this time the record was even being sold in Sweden and no one besides me seemed interested. In the back of my head i thought that the reserve price would probably be at 1000 SEK, that’s about $135. But for some inexplicable reason i still left my bid at 850 SEK. When the record got listed again someone else had apparently gotten their eyes on it and once we had battled it out i had to let it go at 1700 SEK.

Of course i can’t know for sure that it was my post that made this guy find the auction. But whatever the case i feel incredibly stupid about both making the post and of course not bidding those extra couple of dollars the first time around just to see if the reserve really was at 1000 SEK. It’s also annoying since it’s such a great looking cover and even though it turns up now and then, there’s two on ebay now for example, the avarage selling price is probably somewhere around $500. Oh well, not much to do about it now…

I also kind of regret paying what i did for the Ratfab single. But when i started this blog getting a hold of that record was the main focus and on the current market at that time i probably got a fair deal, not a great deal but i certainly wasn’t ripped off. This was also during a period of time where seeing the record on ebay was a pretty rare thing. Lately though this record has sold for around $250 which is about half of what i payed for my copy, so in retrospect not my best buy. I do however think that my copy is in a little bit better shape than some of these that has been sold lately, so maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem.

Then finally, and this is just proof that i’m not much of a business man or in this thing to make money, is the fact that i gave my copy of the yellow version of High Priority to Richard Forrest as a thank you for all the amazing looking “mock-ups” of covers i would never get a hold of otherwise – The Night Beat box, Progressive Piano, Waltzes just to name a couple… I also don’t care much for the cover to High Priority so i can’t really say that i regret this trade in any way. But from a business point of view that record would have been my best investment so far. I think i got it for $15-20 on ebay and this summer some idiot payed almost $450 for a yellow copy, insane! I feel a little bit better when looking at popsike and seeing that even bigger fools payed almost the same amounts for standard red verions back in 2006…

Oh well, on to bigger and better things!

2 thoughts on “No regrets…

  1. No sense in crying over spilt milk, Niklas. We have all paid over the odds for some cover or other. I agree that the “Cool Gabriels” cover is nice.
    Niklas, I still feel guilty about accepting the yellow MTV High Priority cover – but, in my defense, I did try to convince you to keep it.

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