Reading boom?

Well, maybe not a “boom” per se but at least a small rumble… Ebay has not really been the place for book hunting so far and i think the only books i’ve gotten from there is Three More Novels and Borderline Ballads. I do however keep saved searches for every title i know of just to keep up with what’s going and on and of course on the of chance that one of the books i’m still looking for might show up. And in the last week or two quite a few books have turned up. The first one is for Love is a Pie and that one is not really new, it’s been there on an off for quite a while. The current asking price is $200 and i think it’s been ever higher in the past. Then last week a seller listed both Three More Novels and The Desire and Pursuit of the Whole, both with starting bids at $99.

I’m quite happy with both my copies of these books but if the latter of the two should sell for the current bid of $99 i would say that’s a great deal. It’s looks to be in pretty good shape and considering i payed about $50 for my copy that’s a bit beaten up i’d say this would be a much better deal, but however tempted i might be i’ll stay away from it this time.

Then yesterday morning i woke up and checked my saved searches and the results for “pistols for two” is usually either the book with the same name by Georgette Heyer or for various holsters or other “gun nut” related items. But this morning i actually got the see the actual book listed. Asking price is a hefty $500 though, so had i not already gotten a hold of a copy i would not have been able to get this one anyways. That wouldn’t have bothered me that much though since this book has some issues with the sticker and everything. It’s a little tricky to make out where it is really but i think it’s on the actual book under the plastic cover. And finally this morning i found a listing for The Grand Mademoiselle, the first time i’ve ever seen this on ebay also.

So, for anyone interested in starting collecting these there’s a pretty good opportunity now. At least some of these i’d say have got fair price tags on them and don’t show up all that often. And i don’t have any plans to take any kind of credit for anything or start to get hubris but in the last weeks i’ve been getting a few more hits than usual on my posts about all these books. Of course i don’t know if it’s the sellers that has been checking them out. But if this blog in any small way can help raise interest in Warhol’s dust jackets and make them more available that’s a good thing.

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