A $50 lottery ticket…

As expected my recent attempts at various forums didn’t result in anything. But two days ago i somehow noticed that ebay also has a group thing going on that i was not aware of. I found what is really a booksellers group and maybe not so much for buyers but i didn’t have time to explore these groups further and decided to post anyways. I asked about tips on other sites in general and also more specifically the book i was looking for – Pistols for two by Aaron Marc Stein.

The first reply suggested the site BookFinder, which i have used many times in the past without any luck whatsoever. But i decided to click the link expecting to find one listing that i have already worked with before that says “DJ flaps glued to fep”. I have no idea what this means really but at that time i was hoping that it meant that at least some part of the jacket was still present or something like that. But it turned out that wasn’t the case and there was no sign of a jacket at all.

But to my amazement the search had given not one but two results and one that i had never seen before. This in itself was quite puzzeling since i’ve been looking for this book in the usual places pretty much every single day for quite some time. And even more intriguing was that the book was on Alibris, a well known site that i know that i browsed just the day before looking for it. So either i somehow missed it at that time or it must have been listed in the hours between my search and my post on the ebay group.


It was described as good and in good dust jacket, whatever that means… Even though i got pretty excited about this new find the part in the description about the “black-taped-edge” cover still kept my heart rate from going through the roof. Even though the possibility of two editions being published by Doubleday using two different dust jackets seemed unlikely, who knows… I haven’t bought any of the books so far without getting to see some images first and i wasn’t planning on making this the first one either. I tried to contact the seller through Alibris but as usual it’s after i do this (and don’t hear back instantly) that my paranoia sets in. And this time i had even posted on a forum about it, meaning that other people could see that this potential treasure was available – so in my head this was a complete disaster!

The seller was a bookstore in Michigan called Black River Books and i also tried to contact them through the site and i finally got a reply and that they would send me some images as soon as possible. I was still a little puzzled about the, to me, weird part of the description so i asked a little about that and described the jacket i was looking for. Of course without mentioning that it was designed by Andy Warhol just in case she had missed this and would then start looking around and potentially raise the price. Hours passed and my paranoia kept increasing but eventually i heard back again and for some reason her email with the images kept bouncing back and could not get delivered to me. But she also described the cover in a way that sealed the deal!

So… turns out this might be the first book i’ve bought without seeing it first. I have asked her to try and send the images to another email so maybe i’ll still get to see it though. If not it’s still a pretty cheap lottery ticket and i’m quite amazed that i might be able to get a hold of a decent copy for such a great price! Hopefully i’ll get to see it before it ships and also cancel the order if the condition turns out to be terrible.

To be continued…


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