I’ve not had much luck with finding records through forums. Maybe it’s because i really only know of one that’s active and that’s The Record Collectors Guild. Finding good and active forums regarding book collecting has proven to be even more difficult. But today i decided to try and do some fishing for Pistols for two and post on the few forums i could find.

The first site is called LibraryThing and it’s basically a site where people catalogue their books, at least that’s what i think it’s for… There is no buy/sell/trade thing going on that i’ve been able to find but similar to discogs you can see which members that have a certain title in their collection so you can always annoy them with messages. Then there is always Google, i don’t really know how the Google groups thing works but turns of there was a group for book collecting. I also found a site called The Literature Network that had a forum, doesn’t really seem to be directed towards buying and selling of books but who knows, at least is seems to be an active site… And i also learned that Amazon has a community thing as well, so i also tried the rare and collectible books forum there…

Finally i’ve done my best to try and stalk the guy who uploaded the image of the cover to Amazon. Unfortunately he had hidden contact information but he had written a review of another book so a while ago i left a comment on that review with an enquiry about Pistols for two with the hopes that he will receive some kind of message that someone has commented on his review… Grasping for straws to say the very least…

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