Familiar props on The Dick Van Dyke Show…

It feels like i always say that “this” is my favourite cover. But the cover for Pistols for two really is one of my favourite dust jackets. And unfortunately it seems to be quite rare, it’s one of the few that i haven’t seen anywhere so far. Anyways, i happened to stumble upon something funny today, or at least i thought it was funny…

I’ve never seen a single episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show and don’t really know anything about it. But it seems one of the actors had good taste in books, if she got to pick her own props that is. If not then the production manager or whatever it’s called sure did… In the episode “Draw me a Pear” broadcast in october in 1965 actress Milli Helper is reading a book with a very familiar cover… Have a look at about 1:15 and 4:47 into this video, pretty cool!

And for once even i think that in this particular case “stalking” is just not worth the effort…



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