Hunting butterflies in Alabama!

I still can’t catch a break. Mary Lois Timbes actually did have a copy of The Butterfly Tree but as expected she was in no hurry to sell it. Which is of course understandable, especially since she knew Robert Bell. She was also well aware of the fact that Warhol did the cover, so even if she had wanted to sell it i think my plans of a stealthy purchase would have fallen short. She also told me that the author Robert Bell was from Birmingham, Alabama and advised me to try and locate some book stores in that area. All said and done, in my first attack i’ve now email-bombarded about 25 different stores that i could find online. Just need to keep looking for more…

She also informed me that the second printing of her book used part of Warhols design, i’ve seen this cover here and there but never really reflected on that, not until now. I don’t know for sure but i assume that Warhol did the design of the tree as well as the drawing(?).


1 thought on “Hunting butterflies in Alabama!

  1. The design for the lettering (the “tree”) was certainly a Warhol. I deliberately chose to reference it in MEET ME AT THE BUTTERFLY TREE as it was part of his design for the cover of THE BUTTERFLY TREE. My friend the collector of Fairhope books has not responded to my request for the original book and cover–will let you know when and if he does.

    Nice blog!

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