Trying to stay persistent…

I’ve found that as i get older i seem to lose a lot of patience. I’ve played guitar for about 25 years and in the beginning i was of course terrible, but i remember that seeing (or maybe hearing) the progression was a lot of fun and a great motivation to keep at it. However, in later years i seem to have developed a speciality of making myself think that i’d probably be good at this or that and that trying would be a lot of fun. And i’ve also apparently made it a mission to spend quite a bit of money in pursuing these new hobbies. First out was my new found but apparent lifelong dream of getting into photography, i’ve spent A LOT of money on cameras, lenses, flashes and what not. If i hadn’t done that i would probably have had a good chance of seeing both Trombone by Three and a real The Nation’s Nightmare on my wall. The number of times i’ve actually found the energy to carry all this crap with me and try to be “serious” are easily counted. I rarely sell anything either thinking that maybe, just maybe i’ll pick it up again in the future…

Most recently i’ve also tried both painting and drawing. Both with absolutely laughable results. But i had a lot of fun buying pricey paper, canvases as well as dozens of pencils, brushes and other stuff for hundreds of dollars. I don’t quite know what it is though, naturally i do realize that i don’t have any natural talent and that i of course need practice to improve. And most likely i would improve would i just keep at it and not give up as soon as i’ve tried it and been shown the evidence of way less than mediocre ability staring back at me from the paper or canvas. But instead i chose to accept the sad conclusion that all of this is the result of age related lack of patience.

So… with this bitter history and questionable behaviour in mind it was with a bit of skepticism i started my Warhol collection. And i guess you could compare the realization that i draw like a five year old to the fact that my collection of Warhol covers will most likely never be complete. Both insights can be quite off-putting in terms of keeping the fun in it and to keep the motivation high. But for some reason this was different. Much credit goes to my friends in the WCCC who is an never ending source of information and motivation. It great to have like minded people to share thoughts, ideas and highs and lows with. But even before i was granted membership in the club and got to add the social aspect of it all i still, oddly enough, found it fun to keep checking ebay every single day and seeing the same images and hits on Google day in and day out.

For me, a big part of what keeps it all so interesting is that every once in a while you find some little loose end or something that you think and of course hope might lead to something really cool. I feel i’ve had a bit of bad luck with these endeavours so far but i’m certain my luck will change sometime. And sometimes you even get to learn new things. Today i’ve learned that you can see who uploaded images to Amazon and if you are lucky that person has also added contact information on their profile page. One of the books on my wish list on Amazon is of course the recently discovered book cover by Guy Minnebach and i’ve now contacted the woman who uploaded the image. She obviously must have had it at one point, let’s just hope that she still does and might be willing to part from it.

Today i’ve also made a longshot attempt of getting a hold of one of the (i assume) most rare dust jackets – The Butterfly Tree by Robert E. Bell. I have seen this on ebay a couple of times by the same seller listed for about $600-700 which of course is a bit out of my price range. So… after a bit of looking around i found this blog post from 2006 by a woman and author namned Mary Lois Timbes. Apparently she wrote a book namned Meet Me at the Butterfly Tree, she seems to have been good friends with Robert E. Bell and the book, among other things i’m sure, contains letters between her and Robert E. Bell. I’ve seen this book a few times before looking for the other one but i never thought to look into it a bit more until today. Anyways, she also had contact information on her blog so i’ve tried to contact her also to see if she might have a whole box of them laying around and that she might be willing to part from one of them at a more managable price.

As always i try to keep my expecations low when it comes to these things. And even though it can feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall most of the times i think this is a good example of what still makes it all so much fun!

UPDATE: As expected nothing came of the “Amazon image stalking”. The book was part of a collection the uploader was cataloging and that was later sold.Bummer.

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