Amazon update!

It took about an hour or so after i filed the claim with Amazon until i got a response from the seller of The Madhouse in Washington Square and as far as i know the book should now be shipped. I’m still not sure what happened with the payment though, but oh well… According to the seller it should also be the edition with the cover that i’m looking for, so it all sounds pretty good. I still can’t quite shake the feeling that something will go sour with this thing though, but hopefully i’ll be presently surprised!

I’m also trying to get a seller of The Adventures of Maud Noakes to work out so that he can ship outside of the UK but no word so far, and based on previous experiences this might turn out to be a little tricky, so we’ll see what happens.

Yesterday i was also the (lucky?) winner of Warhol’s first cover – A Program of Mexican Music on ebay, not really one of my favourite covers but seeing as it’s his first i’ve been wanting it for a long time. It was also fun to get a hold of a record after all the books lately. It was the green version and not really in top condition but for just over $40 i think i made an OK deal…

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