Still no love for Amazon…

Looks like i’m going to have to file my first claim ever, i’ve never had any problems at either ebay or Amazon before but there’s a first time for everything i guess. I don’t really know what do demand from sellers in terms of correspondence but i placed the order a week ago today and i’ve sent the seller four messages now and he hasn’t replying to a single one. And looking at my bank and Paypal information the payment was reserved up until today and now it’s gone all of a sudden, so i don’t know what’s up with that or what that means really. I’m guessing since now it seems like i never actually payed for the book i won’t have much luck filing a claim either. Maybe i don’t even have the ability to even do it now? The order is still open though so i guess i might be able to do something, i’m really only hoping that getting Amazon to contact the seller may force him to reply to me with some information. It’s all pretty annoying since this seemed like a great find at a bargain price…

But oh well, on to the next thing i guess. And unfortunately the next thing is also on Amazon. If i was starting to warm up to the site a little bit lately i’ve changed my mind once again. First off i discovered yesterday that and are not connected in any way when it comes to the database. Or maybe you can set it to always do global searches but i haven’t been able to figure that out. For some reason i stumbled onto the UK site yesterday because and found some new listings i hadn’t seen before for the The Adventures of Maud Noakes. At a first glance it all seems right, the image and the publisher is correct. Everything looks great besides the prices, which of course look nice but seem a little fishy.

So i contacted one of the sellers who apparently had a HUGE stock and was unable to provide any images but refered me to the ASIN number… ASIN? I hadn’t really reflected on what that number might be earlier but i know now that it’s basically Amazons own unique identification system. Anyways, in this case the ASIN number is B0007E2P16. Alright, i started out by googeling the number and found at least some confirmation. Besides the links to Amazon itself there was actually some hits on other sites like Pinterest and another book site called Thriftbooks. OK, so far so good. And the next step in the Sherlock Holmes kind of thing was the check the ASIN number on Amazon US which turned up the listings i’ve seen many times before but with a totally different pricing of course.

And if things were not complicated and confusing enough i also found this listing for the same book on Amazon US, same edition it seems but with a totally different ASIN number B000EG6VF8, google that number and you get no hits. And a search for it on Amazon UK turns up no hits either… And finally we have this listing at Amazon UK, wrong publisher but correct image and once again a new ASIN number: B0028FWN1O. Google that number and you get a few hits but nothing to really work with and of course, that number gives no results on Amazon US… And it wasn’t until after all this that i actually took the time to read the Wikipedia article on ASIN only to find out that they used to be unique worldwide but are now most likely to only be unique within a certain marketplace, which basically means different numbers in different countries. How wonderful!

Maybe i’m missing something or just not getting it but this is all still very annoying and confusing to me. I’m thinking about getting one of the cheap ones just for the hell of it and see what gets shoved into my mailbox in a few weeks… But of course, as usual only one of the sellers offered shipping outside the UK. I think i’m waiting for feedback from about 4-5 sellers on this book now so we’ll see if lightning will strike again, i have my doubts though.

So… to sum it all up i’m pretty mad about the Madhouse and back to being annoyed and frustrated with Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Still no love for Amazon…

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  2. Pingback: The Adventures of Maud Noakes – Edited by Alan Neame (Chapman & Hall, 1962) | ratfab

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