Almost had me fooled…

I have a crazy “dream” of finding an up until now unknown Warhol cover. I realize it’s highly unlikely but who knows, maybe it’s still possible? Richard Forrest found the Ratfab cover just a few years ago and Frank Edwards keeps finding new covers every other weeks it seems like sometimes. And the “Warhol professor” Mr. Guy Minnebach tipped me off just last week to a new book cover that even he had not seen before. And then there is also the discussion about the ” at least quite recently” discovered covers to both Piano Music of Mendelssohn and Liszt as well as the I Wish You Love by Keely Smith. I’m not totally convinced at either of these but if i had to pick one it would be the Mendelssohn. It seems i’m not alone in my skepticism either, when it first appeared it was selling for +$1000 but has since receded to much healthier prices. Richard has now told me that the Mendelssohn has gotten the WCCC seal of approval so i revoke my previous skepticism.

Anyways, in my quest to find something new i do a lot of random image searching. And today i actually saw something that almost made me think i’d found it! As expected though, it turned out that wasn’t the case. But it seemed the perfect fit at first, jazz music, recorded in the mid 60’s, a drawing with a familiar perspective and even released on the Blue Note label, albeit only in Japan as it seems.

For untrained “spot a Warhol design” eyes like mine this actually looked right. But i then looked it up on discogs and there the cover design is credited to some japanese guys – T.Tanaka and T. Fujiyama. Bah! A cool looking cover even though it feels a little rip off’ish of the cover to the self titled Kenny Burrell record.

Guess i’ll have to keep looking…


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