Roy Sullivan: 7, Me: 2

Roy Sullivan, a US park ranger from Virginia, holds the Guinness World Record as the person struck by lightning the most number of times. The poor bastard was hit no more than seven times with all strikes being verified by doctors. I would have considered staying indoors, at least after the second time…

And i guess you might call finding the wrongly listed The Immortal on Amazon a kind of lightning strike, at least metaphorically speaking. And today it happened again, so now it seems i’m only five strikes behind Mr. Sullivan. And once again it was a fine example of confusing and incorrect listings on Amazon, wrong publisher and wrong year this time. In lack of other things to do i was just doing the usual image searching and browsing for various books. There is really no revolutionary way to vary your searches for these so i’ve seen most of the images quite a few times already so by now i know what not to look deeper into. But then something “new” caught my eye and lead me to my beloved Amazon where a very pleasant and unexpected surprise was waiting for me…

Maybe i shouldn’t complain to much about Amazon, even though confusing and time consuming at times it still enables great and unexpected finds like this. I think the design on this dust jacket is pretty cool so can’t wait to finally get my hands on it and check it out!



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