Ratfab highly available

When i first started looking for the Ratfab record you would be lucky to find it for under $1000. Prices have dropped quite a bit lately as more have been made available. A couple of years ago you might have seen a few a year being sold but lately you haven’t been forced to put in a lot of effort to find one. It almost seems as there’s constantly been one or two on ebay. Many sellers still put a hefty price tag on it though. But if you’re willing to wait you could probably make a pretty good deal these days. Just a few months ago two sold for about $400-450 each. In retrospect it might have been wise to wait, but for me this thing is not about making money. As long as i don’t feel i got completely ripped off i’m happy to pay top dollar for a cover here and there.

But anyways, (as usual) there’s one on ebay right now and to my surprise i just noticed that there’s actually four available at discogs, albeit all with pretty high asking prices.

I quite like statistics and trends and so on and there’s no doubt that the Ratfab cover is on a bit of a downward spiral with the occasional high posting. It will be interesting to follow the development in the coming years and i’m still waiting on the day i find it in a $5 bargain bin, if nothing else that would have a nice effect on my average acquisition cost.

I’ve also given up on finding the press release and accompanying letter that was sold together with the record by the same seller that i got my copy from. At first he wanted to wait until that buyer had received his record. Then he told me he had accidentally deleted the files with the high resolution scans but that he was pretty sure that he had psychical copies somewhere. I’ve asked him repeatedly but not heard anything back so the possibility to get a hold of those seems to be forever gone.



2 thoughts on “Ratfab highly available

  1. Well, In retrospect I was naive when I published my article on Warhol’s record cover art in Record Collector in December 2008. Prior to that I bought two copies of the RATFAB single for about $8 each. Immediately after the article was published I had to pay $50! I should have kept the secret and bought up as many copies as I could and then published the article. Oh, well!
    You may not have gotten hold of copies of the promo sheets for the RATFAB record, but there are copies of Warhol’s original drawings of the RATFAB logo at the Art Pop exhibition at Spritmuseum in Stockholm. I wonder who put the final design together and suggested the colouring.

  2. Hi Richard, you should post that article on you blog. Would be fun to read! And yes, that was a missed opportunity to create a small fortune! 🙂 But as you said – oh, well. At least you will be forever credited with it’s discovery!

    All i know is that the drawings are normally held in a safe. I don’t know who owns them though. I’ll ask around and see if i can find out who suggested the colouring.

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