Spending friday night with crazy people and some Cool Gabriels

Things are funny sometimes… I was just doing some random image searching for some various covers i don’t have. At first nothing new or exciting turned up but then something finally caught my attention and i ended up at site called Auctionet and more specifically at this page.

At first i thought it was some old listing for an already closed auction so when i noticed that it ended in five hours i almost couldn’t believe my eyes. The estimate is at 3000 SEK or $450 and i’m currently the high bidder at 600 SEK which is roughly only $90. But… once against i’m left fighting a stupid reserve price which of course isn’t met with my current bid. The cover looks to be in fantastic condition so for some lucky winner this will be a really nice addition to their collection. Whatever happens It’s going to be very interesting to follow this auction tonight. I’ve never heard of the site before but it seems to be kind of international so i’m guessing i’m not the only one with my eyes on it.

They also seem to be rather crazy, which unfortunately might call for a hiiiiiiiiiigh reserve price on this album. Just doing a search on “Warhol” turned up more covers, all located in Malmö, Sweden. But since they figure 1500 SEK ($225) for MTV’s High Priority, Aretha, Emotions in Motion and 2000 SEK ($300) for Silk Electric, This is John Wallowitch! and Soul Vacation is fair then they are obviously completely out of their minds.

Anyways, i thought it was a pretty funny coincidence. And it would make a nice birthday present to myself (even though it was yesterday). Wish me luck!

UPDATE: Well, i was pretty much the only bidder and thus also the “lucky” winner at $130. As expected the reserve wasn’t met.


2 thoughts on “Spending friday night with crazy people and some Cool Gabriels

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