Arturo Toscanini & The NBC Symphony Orchestra – William Tell Overture / Semiramide Overture 7″ EP

So the first catch of 2014 has finally arrived! Initially i thought there where two verions of this release, one 10″ and one double 7″ EP. The 10″ was a pretty early addition to my collection and then i found the EP sometime last autumn. For some reason i then looked it up on Warholcovers and noticed that the back of Franks cover was different than the one i had just received. So it became quite obvious that instead of there being two versions there were actually three out there. And so the chase started again…

Arturo Toscanini & The NBC Symphony Orchestra – William Tell Overture / Semiramide Overture (RCA Victor – ERB-7054)

As i’ve written before at first i actually thought that these were somewhat rare, but i know better now. However, it’s funny how something can become “rare” as soon as you start looking for it. I’ve seen plenty of these covers on ebay but never thought about giving them a closer look since i thought i had them all. And since i’ve been on the chase for the second version of the EP i have hardly seen any of them on ebay at all…

But then a few weeks ago i finally noticed a familiar back design on ebay. One neat thing about the WCCC is that on the rare occasion that something new and/or interesting pops up on ebay someone will throw an email out there asking if anyone is planning on bidding on this or that item, just to make sure we don’t go up bidding again each other. This rarely concerns me though as most of these items are generally out of my price range. But this time i popped the question and Richard Forrest, who initially thought about bidding on it very gracefully left it to me. Thank you very much for this Richard! At the end it seemed no one else on ebay was interested in it so i ended up getting it for the listing price of just $10 which surprised me a bit, but i ain’t complaining.

Condition wise i’d say it’s probably the worst of the three that i have now but still in good condition with no major flaws. One thing that i’ve noticed both on this copy and on Frank Edwards as well (i guess this might be a coincidence or that i’m just seeing things) is that the cardboard appears quite darker than on the other releases. And then there’s the thing with the two EP’s having the same catalogue number – ERB-7054. I’m certainly no expert on these things, maybe it not that unusual to have a slightly different design on the cover to the same release?

Anyways, as said this is nothing spectacular but it’s fun to finally have a complete set of something. Apart from the fantastic set of Giant Size $1,57 Each and Progressive Piano (that i’ve yet to post) that i got from Richard Forrest this is probably the only set i’ll ever get. I’m not really looking forward to finding about 10 different verions of the covers to Alexander Nevsky, A Program of Mexican Music and Both Feet in the Groove. And offcourse spend thousand of dollars to do so…

And thanks once again to Richard for not going into a bidding war with me over it.


4 thoughts on “Arturo Toscanini & The NBC Symphony Orchestra – William Tell Overture / Semiramide Overture 7″ EP

  1. Great to see pictures of the whole set of the Toscanini 10″ and both 7″ versions. But you have a couple of other “complete” sets – all 5 “Giant Sixe” and the “Progressive Piano” 10″ and 7″, don’t you?

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