A pretty exciting thursday

First off i didn’t get to swing it to some latin rhythms this time around either. I let it go at $162 and the winning bid was $164,50. The reserve still wasn’t met though so i guess it will be back on ebay in a few days or so. I really do hate these auctions with a reserve price. They can make you go for a week or two just waiting for it to end and building up your hopes and expectations just to have them shot down in an instant. I wish these people would just list it at the price they want and be done with it!

But it wasn’t all bad yesterday. First thing in the morning i got an email from Frank Edwards informing me that the book i had to send via him had arrived and should start it’s next journey across the atlantic sometime soon. Good news!

And last, but certainly not least, last night i found what’s probably the most exciting catch of the year so far. It should be delivered the coming tuesday so i’ll keep it a bit of a secret until then. It most definately won’t blow my friends in the WCCC away though since it’s not exactly a Warhol cover, but let’s just say there’s a kind of relationship thing going on….

EDIT: I just got an email from the post office saying i have a package to pick up. Either it’s the William Tell cover, a Monsters University kids puzzle or a Mike Wazowski plush toy. We’ll see soon…


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