Getting the ball rolling again…

For various reasons it’s been a slow start to 2014, but it seems this is finally about to change. Up until just recently i actually hadn’t added anything to my collection this year. I was almost starting to get withdrawals so it was high time to try and rectify the situation. The first catch of the year was the third and last(?) version of the William Tell Overture / Semiramide Overture cover which i’m currently waiting on to be delivered. Not that it’s anything spectacular but it’ll be fun to have all three versions of this cover.

I’ve also picked up two new additions to my book collection, the first i found on Amazon last week but it might be a while before i’ll get my hands on it since i had to ship it via Frank Edwards since the seller couldn’t or didn’t want to offer international shipping. The second one i picked up this morning and i’m a bit more excited about this one. It’s also from Amazon and it’s one that i’ve never seen listed anywhere before this. I also thought that this one would prove quite difficult to get a hold of, and from the images i’ve seen it looks to be in pretty good shape considering the price.

I’ve also found a guy who seems to have the Cronenberg on Warhol CD soundtrack and an accompanying book from the first exhibition that i’ve now learned from Richard Forrest was held at theĀ The Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis. I’ve tried to contact him and see if he might be interested in selling it but no reply so far. I’m keeping my expectations low, and even if it would be great to get a hold of the amazing package from the later exhibition in Ontario just finding the CD and book would do just fine for now.

My eyes are also on the Boston Pops EP on ebay right now that’s ending in a day or two. I currently have the leading bid but the stupid reserve price is not met and i wouldn’t be surprised to see this one break the $200 mark, and then i might have to leave it be anyway. Love this cover though, so keeping my fingers crossed!

So… there’s nothing to do now but to play the waiting game for the next couple of weeks. It feels good to finally get going again though. Hopefully this year will prove to have some of the same exciting moments that the previous year did!