Eugene Ormandy & The Philadelphia Orchestra – Alexander Nevsky

The break is over. As with the William Tell records i’ll label this with conductor, orchestra and title. The music was composed Sergei Prokofiev and is the score to the movie Alexander Nevsky by russian director Sergei Eisenstein released in 1938. As far as i can tell the movie is about some battle with knights and warriors from the Holy Roman Empire so i guess this is what Warhol was asked to depict with his design. I don’t know anything else about the story behind this cover but to me the drawings show some similarity to the ones on A Program for Mexican Music, both released in 1949.

Eugene Ormandy & The Philadelphia Orchestra – Alexander Nevsky (Columbia Records Masterworks – ML 4247)

Neither this one or A Program of Mexican Music are any of my favourite covers but it’s fun to finally get a hold of one of the earlier covers. I picked this up sometime before christmas and i actually bought this particular copy twice. The first time the reserve price wasn’t met but the second time it was listed without reserve and that time around i actually got it cheaper than the first time. I don’t understand or like listings with reserves but that’s another story. I was still happy to get it and if i remember correct it was for something like $35-45 which i think was pretty good. I also hadn’t done my homework properly and actually thought this was an EP, so initially i was a bit surprised when i opened the package.

From what i’ve learned from The WCCC there are four color varations of this cover – blue, green, pink and orange. I’ve also been told that this blue cover is the most common which makes sense since it’s the one most seen on ebay. I don’t know enough to try and “rare rank” the three other covers but Frank Edwards has posted about the cover is this post and suggests that at that time the green seemed to be the most desirable. I have only seen a handful of other colors than the blue on ebay but i know that Richard Forrest got his hands on the orange one a while back.

Regarding the condition i’d say that it’s pretty good. It has some slight foxing/discoloration primarily to the left hand side but other than that there are no real issues. All in all i think it’s in great shape for a cover that’s 65 years old. I would like to get a hold of at least one of the covers with a different color variation, but as with many other covers the price is always a factor.

For now i’m more than happy with this one.


3 thoughts on “Eugene Ormandy & The Philadelphia Orchestra – Alexander Nevsky

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