Closing the books on 2013

A very busy holiday season is (finally) coming to an end and it’s time to look back and try and sum up the previous year. There was a lot of fun and exciting moments and it’s hard to try and rank them in any way. But some of the highlights include finally getting a hold of the Ratfab cover, finding the On Record: 11 Artists 1963 booklet and of course all the great mock-ups i got from Richard Forrest – The Nation’s Nightmare, Progressive Piano and Giant Size $1,57 Each just to name a few.

Last year was also the dawn of my attempt at starting a book collection and so far i must say that not only has this been a lot of fun but i’ve also been able to pick up a few titles here and there at a resonable cost, quite a few more than i initially thought to be honest. But of course, there is still a lot of work to be done…

The previous year also saw the formation of The Warhol Cover Collectors’ Club which was another very exciting thing. It’s funny how things work out sometimes. If i remember correctly i initially reached out to Richard Forrest and Frank Edwards and asked about the Ratfab record. Through them i then got in contact with two other great guys and noted collectors – Kevin Kinney and Guy Minnebach. It’s a great club to be a part of and everyone is amazingly helpful and friendly, i have learned so much from all you guys and i can’t thank you all enough for your help. It really was a lot of fun finding people that have the same interest as yourself and being able to pitch ideas, tips and information has really helped to keep the motivation up!

Lets keep it up and try and make 2014 an even better year!

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