Ratfab in Mölndal!

I don’t know excatly when this was listed but i guess it was a few days ago. It’s on ebay UK which for some reason makes it not show up on a search on ebay.com but in the app you will find it on a standard “ratfab” search. Anyway, there has been quite a few copies listed in the last couple of months so the listing itself is nothing spectacular. What was funny though was to see that the seller was located in Mölndal which is where i live. And here i was thinking i had the only Ratfab in town… I contacted the seller to ask where he found it and if he also collected Warhol covers but as it turns out he got a hold of it as a result of a trade for some other record(s) and he collected punk records and not Warhol covers.

As with many of the recently listed copies the cover appears to be in great condition and the record itself has never been played. As always it’s going to interested to follow the auction and see where it closes. The timing might be a little unlucky since some guy listed many of the really rare covers last week, Ultra Violet, Cool Gabriels, Trombone by Three, The Nation’s Nightmare and many more are ending at the same time… But considering the condition i wouldn’t be surprised to see it sell for upwards of $1000.

I want to wish the seller good luck and for a moment there i thought i had a fellow Warhol covers collector right in my own backyard.

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