The last few weeks…

It’s been an interesting last few weeks, even though i’ve mostly been observing the action from the sideline. First Richard Forrest (after all the members in the “Warhol Cover Collectors Club” finally recieved their copies) got the chance to put his mock-ups on ebay. First in line was the very nice looking Night Beat box, basically impossible to find and the copy i recieved was incredibly well made and in my opinion it’s a great addition to any collection. It did attract a lot of followers and eventually sold at the starting bid of $300, a bit surprising to me as i thought it would end up seeing quite a lot of bidding.

Next out is the incredibly beautiful full set of all five color variations of the cover to Giant Size $1,57 Each, all handmade and individually silk screened. I think it was put up on ebay yesterday and for some reason i can’t see how many followers it has, but it will be very interesting to see how this listing develops. This is basically a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for pretty much every collector to get a full set of these covers. To get a hold of even a single copy of an original cover you have to be a mutated cross between Scrooge McDuck and Gladstone Gander, and then imagine having to finding all five…

And just when i was silently whining and complaining to myself about how long it’s been since i’ve seen the Latin Rhythms by the Boston Pops EP on ebay two copies surfaced almost at the same time. The first one was listed with a completely crazy asking price of $1800 which of course caused it to not sell. Shortly after that acution ended another copy was listed with a much healthier starting bid and the auction closed yesterday at $260. This is one of my absolute favourite covers but sadly i’m temporarily on even more of a budget than usual so i coudn’t really fight until the end on this one. I was also hoping and thinking that this one might actually be able to find for about half of that price, me and Richard Forrest (unknowingly) fought over a copy back in april or may that, if i remember correctly, sold for just over $100.

The last weeks have also seen two new copies of the Ratfab cover being sold on ebay. I always follow the auctions for this record with great interest since it was initially the focus of this blog and it’s fun to see what’s happening with the price and value of this record. Both of these latest copies were in very similar condition and they also closed at pretty much the exact same price, one for $710 and the other one last night at $709. In all honesty i was actually a bit deflated about this since this is pretty close to what i payed for my copy, not quite as much but very much in the same vicinity. But i guess that’s part of the game.

Another thing that’s made me a bit low lately when it comes to my collecting is that neither of the two hooks i have layed out in the water are attracting any fish. I was hoping that for once i would be able to be the source of something new and exciting to the fellow members in the “Warhol Cover Collectors Club” and at least one thing seemed to have lots of promise. But it’s been dead silent now for many weeks and my hopes of providing a nice christmas gift kind of thing might not come true. Hopefully all is not lost though and i’ll get some positive news soon.

To end on a positive note i was able to get the Any Old Time EP yesterday for $20 from the same seller that sold the Boston Pops EP. I was the only bidder which usually makes me a little suspicious but it’s looked good and for that price it’s hard to feel ripped off in any way whatsoever.


2 thoughts on “The last few weeks…

  1. I happened to find your description of “The Ratfab hunt” and your comment of the recent listenings, those two “sold for $710 and the other one last night at $709.”.
    I don t know if I´ve misunderstood things but I think the one ending at $710 was mine. The somewhat, extraordinary, for me at least, was that neither the winner nor the second in bid wanted it.
    Winner said “Sorry, late I found out that I already have this single” Second chance bidder had blocked out second chance offer.
    So I had to relist it.and its endtime is in fact in a few hours..
    As both those bidders were located in Italy I am curious if they are coming to get at me again..
    Maybe the mafia is going to knock at my door?

    Is this something to write home about? I don´t know but I found it rather amusing.

    PS / Att jag skriver till dig på knölig engelska beror på att jag inte riktigt vet hur saker ligger till. Fast jag får ju medge att “Mölndal” låter väldigt svensk.

    Med vänliga hälsningar Björn / inpili
    Gärdet Stockholm.

    • Hej Björn, jorå jag är svensk. 🙂 Även om priset verkar ha dippat lite om man tittar på dom senaste auktionerna så låter det skumt att flera stycken skulle hoppa av sådär… otur! Vad således den för när du la ut den igen? Jag måste ha missat auktionen såhär mitt i allt julstök… Hoppas du blev nöjd och fick den såld den här gången i alla fall! 🙂


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