The Grand Mademoiselle – Francis Steegmuller (Doubleday, 1960)

I first noticed this book in a comment to a post on a blog that i can’t seem to find my way back to now… Prior to that i hadn’t seen it on any of the few sites that has information on Warhols dust jackets. I’m no expert on Warhol style and i doubt that i would ever have looked twice at this cover had i ever happened to see it somewhere. Maybe, maybe the fact that it was published on Doubleday would have caught my interest but who knows…

I’ve never seen it on ebay and i think i’ve seen one copy on Etsy but i don’t know what it sold for. So, a few weeks ago i found this on Etsy listed at just $10. At first i thought it was something wrong with it, like a different edition with the same cover or that there had to be something with the condition. But it looked more than OK and i couldn’t find anything else that seemed strange so i picked it up as fast as possible.

I’m not thrilled about the cover though, but that has more to do with the design than with the condition. There are no really big issues, some small smudges and some even smaller tears here and there but overall i’d say it’s in very good shape. I’ve never been a fan of these kinds of designs that combine styles or whatever you want to call it. For example i don’t really like the cover to I’m Still Swinging by The Joe Newman Octet which also has a kind of collage thing going on.

Whatever i think about the cover i was still happy to add it to my collection and to once again be able to find something deep down in the online bargain bin.

The-Grand-Mademoiselle-Warhol-1 The-Grand-Mademoiselle-Warhol-2 The-Grand-Mademoiselle-Warhol-3

7 thoughts on “The Grand Mademoiselle – Francis Steegmuller (Doubleday, 1960)

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    • Of course. I’ve linked the article more times than i can remember in my posts so i believe credit is given. You guys should run another, updated, story now and include all of the books.

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