Literature – Arab Spring

Here’s another one that i really like and that i’ve put down on my exceptions list. I first found out about it on Frank Edwards blog in october last year. Initially 500 copies were made – 4 on grey vinyl, 98 on white and 398 on black. I have a black copy and i’m pretty sure it’s one of these first 500 made. I ordered it as fast as i could but i guess i can’t know for sure, i don’t really know how you can tell them apart…

Literature – Arab Spring ( Square of Opposition Records – SofO 41)

For some reason something went wrong with my first order but the guys were very kind and sent me another one free of charge and also included the 7″ single Tie Dye / Apples. The second edition or whatever you want to call it is still available at the bands site here for just $10. I tried to get a copy of the cassette too but i found out about it a bit late and since only 50 of those were made i’ve been unsuccessful so far and i haven’t seen it on ebay yet either.

Frank Edwards did an interview with the band about the cover which can be read here. They are a bit vague (maybe for legal reasons i guess) regarding the basis of the design saying that the “flowers’ shapes might be cut from the original series but they were overlaid onto a new screen of grass and colored by us.”

Whatever the origin of the design it’s a nice looking cover and a fun addition the exceptions, the album is pretty good too.


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