Signed books and some cool posters

Just doing some random image searching eventually led me to a site called Fulton Ryder. It appears to be some kind of invitation-only bookstore and gallery established by some artist namned Richard Prince and located in New York. Here’s a pretty good article on it all at a site called Artspace. There’s some cool stuff on the site but i don’t know what half of it is… He does however have some signed Warhol dust jackets – The desire and pursuit of he whole, The Immortal, 3 more novels and The adventures of Maud Noakes. All except 3 more novels are listed at NFS which i’m guessing stands for “not for sale”(?). As always i’m very skeptical of these kinds of alleged signed items but who knows, maybe he has the documentation to back it up. I wouldn’t be able to get any of them even if they were for sale so luckily i don’t have to worry about it to much though.

He also has two cool The Exploding Plastic Inevitable posters, one from some Halloween kind of thing back in 1966 and the other one from a show at the Chrysler Art Museum, also in 1966. The Halloween poster is also listed as NFS and the other one as sold. Interestingly he claims that the photo for the rear of the Velvet Underground & Nico is believed to have been taken at the show at the Chrysler Art Museum. That’s something i hadn’t heard before so if nothing else at least i learned something new today as well.

FIRBANK_Warhol_Signed_Cover-0x500 NEAME,_Warhol_signed-500x0 ROLFE,_Warhol_Signed_Cover-0x500 ROSS,_The_Immortal_Warhol_signed_-500x0 Warhol_Plastic_Halloween_Poster-0x500Exploding_Plastic_Warhol_Chrysler_Art_Poster-0x500

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