The thrill of the chase!

So i’m almost at a point where there aren’t many covers left that i have a resonable chance of obtaining. I still have quite a few covers in my collection that i haven’t posted yet, nothing incredibly rare though. There are still a few that i’m hoping to get like A Program of Mexican Music, Both Feet in the Groove, Latin Rhythms by the Boston Pops, The Joke and maybe a few more and at least one or two of these should be possible to find without having to file for bankruptcy.

For example Both Feet in the Groove pops up on ebay quite frequently, i’m just waiting for a nice looking copy that don’t have a crazy asking price to go with it. The Boston Pops EP hasn’t come up much lately but should also be possible to get, i hope. I lost an auction for it to Richard Forrest a while back (before i knew him) which closed at a little over $100 if i remember correctly. The few times i’ve seen it lately it’s been listed on ebay with ridiculous “buy it now” prices so i guess we’ll see what happens…

I’ve always damned myself that i started collecting as late as i did, but the last month or so has proven that there are still some cool items to find even if you are on a budget. Finding the booklet to Giant Size $1,57 Each and some other recent discoveries by members of the “Warhol Cover Collectors Club” has been a real breath of fresh air to my collecting spirit, even though i haven’t found any of these new covers yet it’s great fun to have some new things to look around for.

Not that it’s boring to browse ebay and other sites that have much traffic, i still do it many times every day and still enjoy it. Every morning or whenever i have a look i always think i’m going to be the first and only person in the world to see that rare album with a crazy-low “buy it now” price. The reality though is that it’s incredibly hard to find something unusual and at the same time get it for a good price. I think it’s only happened to me once and that was the “yellow version” of the cover to MTV High Priority that i found for $15-20.

It would be fun to get a new “project” though. Trying to go after one of the more rare covers like i did with the Ratfab record. I just need to figure out which one would be most resonable to go after…

That’s that regarding the album covers. When it comes to the dust jackets i still have more than a few to try and find. And after i got some great information on these from noted collector Guy Minnebach i now know that there are quite a few more than i initially thought. That’s something that just adds to the fun though, especially since many of these still seem to fly a little bit under the radar, at least i think they do. Trying to find these books forces me to look outside of ebay which is also fun and a few days ago i finally made my best find so far on Etsy – The Grand Mademoiselle for just $10! As i’ve posted before i’m still a rookie when it comes to the rareness and value of the dust jackets but for that price this has to have been a real steal! I haven’t recieved it yet though but looking at the images it definately looks good enough for me.

There is something rewarding about chasing after all these great items that’s hard for me to explain. Even if you spend 364 days looking, digging and emailing and coming up with nothing finding that special item on the 365th day still makes it all worth while.

I generally have no problem contacting and “bothering” people with questions etc. and i currently have a few “hooks in the water” that i’m pretty excited about. I don’t want to be to pushy though so it might still take a while but hopefully i’ll have some cool and exciting news for the members of the “Warhol Cover Collectors Club” soon!

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