Giant Size $1,57 Each

So… it’s finally time to post these. I’m not going to try and give you the backstory to these covers as part of it seems to be quite the mystery. I’ll tell you the two things i do know for certain though. The first thing is that instead of bying an original and signed copy of this album you could buy a fairly decent car. And the other thing is that the 75 copies which were produced in 1963 for an exhibition called “Popular Images” at the Washington Gallery of Modern Art were all black on white. I have never seen an original and signed copy but i have seen an unsigned black on white copy that had the album to go with it (which i guess is a clear indication that it was made in 1963) sell for almost $3500 at swedish site Auktionsverket. Also, Billy Klüver grew up in Sweden. Who knows if he took some covers back with him here when he came to visit later in life. Maybe there are boxes and boxes hidden away in a storage room here somewhere, or maybe not… If you want more on the backstory of this cover i’ll direct you to two excellent posts on Richard Forrests blog here and here.

I actually got a new car this weekend so that completely wiped out the budget for an original copy. I guess i could still try and get one but then i would probably have to start living in the car since my girlfriend would kick me out. And it’s a small car too…. So, once again i’m very happy and thankful that Richard Forrest is quite an artsy craftsman. He told me a few months ago that he was planning to attend a silk screening course and then try and recreate the cover to Giant Size $1,57 Each.

And as with the Night Beat box the result is just stunning! All five color variations are represented and they all look truly amazing! It’s a great and charming detail that the positioning of the “logo” is different on all five covers, evidence of truly individual silk screening. Very impressive and inspiring work, as always! My favourites are probably the white and the green one, i usually like those color combinations.

Thank you so much (again) for these Richard! They are an amazing addition to my collection and i am pretty sure that i’m currently one of the very few who have individually handmade and silk screened copies of all five color variations. They are even signed! And there is no doubt about when either. I actually missed this when i recieved the covers but after a little help and some further investigation i found it, a very cool and funny detail!

Unlike the other mock-ups i have and where i’ve found the audio elsewhere this one might prove to be a bit of a challenge. Luckliy this is already somewhat solved, more on that later tonight…




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