On Record: 11 Artists 1963. (Giant Size $1,57 Each booklet)

I always say i’m collecting on a budget. And this is mostly true. I will probably never get my hands on a Cool Gabriels, Trombone by Three or The Joke/Chase the Dragon to name a few… But every now and then i get my eyes on something that make the “must have” monster start to grow inside me. The Ratfab single was one of these occasions and about a week or two ago it happened again.

Some random searches for some general information on the Giant Size $1,57 Each cover brought me to the discogs page for the cassette with the interviews. Then for some reason, i hardly ever do this, i looked at the additional images. And there was two or three images of what looked like a spiral bound booklet or notepad with a very familiar cover.

This led me to more random searches and some image searching before i ended up at this site called Cult Jones and at a page that looked like this. The guy who ran the site was very friendly and eventually gave me a price of $200. If this was a good deal or not i don’t know though. I haven’t seen this anywhere else, only time will tell i guess…Image

As far as i know this is the first and only issue of this book(let). It’s mere 45 pages hold transcriptions of the 11 interviews that were on the LP. It’s pretty far from giant size also, it measures about 14x11cm. Besides being on the cover the $1,57 design is on another page as well where Billy Klüver gives an introduction kind of thing…

Am i crazy to think that Warhol maybe gave permission for the design to be used for the cover of this? I find it hard to find any information at all about this item so who knows… Whatever the case i think it’s a great complement to the record covers i got from Richard Forrest. I might never find the audio to this but if this is as close as i will get that’s good enough. It’s also a very nice “crossover item” to have included in my album covers/book collection.

It’s in great condition also, just the sliiiiiightest of some kind of discoloration on the bottom 1cm on the first 2-3 pages but this is far from major. Generally in TOP condition and i’m very happy about finding this thing!


10 thoughts on “On Record: 11 Artists 1963. (Giant Size $1,57 Each booklet)

  1. Niklas,
    Congratulations on your detective work and incredible find! This discovery, along with Richard’s hard work to recreate the Giant Size $1.57 cover has given this work new life. Excellent job, and keep up the good work!

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