All work and no play…

I’ve been wanting to post all week about two things that i’m pretty excited about. And the common denominator is Giant Size $1,57 Each but it’s been a crazy week at work so i simply haven’t found the time. But in a day or two…

During the week i’ve also seen a few new “fake” covers on ebay, at least they are new to me. Frank Edwards has posted here about some common “fake” covers that pop up now and then and that the sellers advertise as a “Warhol cover”. I’m by no means an expert but to me these two covers are definately not by Warhol and should be avoided and added to the “fake list”. A little surprising though that both sold, one even at such a high listing price as $100.

Levant plays Debussy version 1

Levant plays Debussy version 2

1 thought on “All work and no play…

  1. Yes, there is nothing “Warhol” about these. Some of these eBay sellers would have is believe that every cover from the 50s with a line illustration must be a Warhol. Real Warhol covers of the time were (with one exception) blotted line drawings. And not even all the ones with blotted line illustrations were Warhol’s, as his successful style was imitated by others.

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