In other Warhol news…

I love the Howard Stern Show. I used to listen to it every day but now i rarely find the time for it during the week and have to catch up as much as possible during the weekend. Today i listened to an old interview i hadn’t heard before with Zack Braff from Scrubs. Among other things he talks about a cool site called Kickstarter through which he raised more than two million dollars in 24 hours to fund his upcoming movie.

I hadn’t heard about this site before but it’s basically a site where anyone can pitch their idea – mostly regarding art, design and music i think – and then anyone who likes the idea can make a pledge to help fund the project. And then you get something in return depending on how much you donate. You set a goal and a timeframe and if you hit it – great! If not, all the pledgers get their money back. A pretty cool idea.

So, i was looking around the site and eventually found a very interesting and fun project on Andy Warhol. The girl behind the project calls it an “an artistic homage to Andy Warhol’s soup can series with an updated twist” and i guess that’s pretty acurate.

You can check it out and read more about it here. I was looking to pledge $30 and request the poster with the full set of 32 cans but unfortunately she has put down US shipping only. I’ve asked if she is willing to make exceptions from this and ship to Europe but i haven’t heard back yet, hopefully she will. If not i might have to bother a certain fellow Warhol collector living in the US once again…

So far she’s raised $595 and needs about $1000 more within the coming month or so to make it happen. I hope she gets it, i thought this was a really cool and funny idea that i hadn’t seen before.

I doubt we’ll ever see this design on an album cover though, but the Cambell’s do look pretty good naked…




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